Lost Civilizations/ Hauntings in Country Music

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Lost Civilizations/ Hauntings in Country Music

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In the first half, expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, talked about ancient lost civilizations via information he's gleaned from past life regressions of his patients. Based on his data, he's concluded that the ancient continent of Lemuria (also called Mu) was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and Atlantis, "was Mu's first major conquest as a civilization in expanding their empire." Mu was a huge continent around the size of the United States, he added, and was "the true garden of Eden" that produced modern man and had a population of around 64 million, most of whom died when a planetary cataclysm caused the land mass to sink.

Mu had advanced technology and healing centers, and the average life expectancy for its citizens was between 500 and 1,000 years, and during its early phase, people ranged in height from 8 to 10 ft. tall, he reported. Their language was similar to hieroglyphics, said Goldberg, and one group was more spiritual, and stored their civilizations' records in great crystals, while another was more materialistic and war-like and started the first Atlantis colony in 75,000 BC. Mu expanded into such places as India, Babylonia, North and Central America, and Egypt, he continued. According to one of his regressed patients, there was a 50-year series of "Electric Wars" between Mu and Atlantis, which involved ETs and interdimensional interference.


In the latter half, journalist and researcher at Penn State, Matthew Swayne, discussed the haunted hot spots, and spooky superstar spirits of country and western music from Hank Williams to Patsy Cline to Elvis. Johnny Cash was particularly interested in spiritualism and could be considered a "pioneer ghost hunter," having had a number of ghostly encounters at his summer home, Cinnamon Hill, in Jamaica. One night, they had a dinner party, and saw a woman in a white gown walk through a closed door, and exit through a different closed door. Later, they heard loud tapping and knocking noises, Swayne recounted, adding that Cash's spirit is now said to haunt Cinnamon Hill, along with the spirit of his wife.

There are a variety of country music establishments that have a history of being haunted such as the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, where its founder Capt. Thomas Ryman is thought to be one of its ghosts and sometimes interferes with performances. Also sighted there is a "Man in Grey," who could be the spirit of confederate soldier, as well as Patsy Cline and Hank Williams, Swayne detailed. Bobby Mackey's Music World is one of the most notorious haunted locations, he noted, and there is lore about Satanic worship, murders, and demonic possession that may relate to the ghostly phenomena there. Intriguingly, the nightclub is said to have a haunted jukebox that plays songs of its accord, such as an incident when the "The Anniversary Waltz" came on even when the machine wasn't plugged in.

New segment guests: Charles R. Smith, Steve Kates

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