Wright-Patterson UFOs / Area 51 Secrets

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Wright-Patterson UFOs / Area 51 Secrets

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In the first half, Raymond Szymanski, who had a four-decade career as an engineer at Wright-Patterson joined George Knapp to discuss his experiences at the military base, long been rumored to be the home of UFO artifacts and secrets. In the first week of his employment, he was introduced to an onsite mentor named "Al," and when they entered one of the hangars, Al told him "we've recovered these aliens and their machines that were found in a crash out West...and they were brought to Wright-Patterson for evaluation and possible exploitation." While this info seemed to be widely known by other employees, Al told Szymanski it wasn't possible for him to see the secret materials, reportedly stored in tunnels.

Szymanski noted that Wright-Patterson established an aeronautical materials laboratory as far back as 1917, so it would make sense that UFO wreckage from incidents like the 1947 Roswell crash would go there. And perhaps, he continued, the top-secret materials were initially flown to the base and moved directly into a hangar (which could be the source of the 'Hangar 18' lore). While he is relatively certain that the Roswell debris came to Wright-Patterson, he is less sure about the claims of alien bodies. Szymanski also recalled his encounter with a 'Man in Black' on the base, who was standing near the secretive Foreign Technology Division. Dressed all in black with a fedora on a hot summer day, the man had an odd complexion.


Roughly 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas, in the middle of a remote desert, sits an extension of the Edwards Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51, but its purpose and operations are still shrouded in secrecy. Researcher and investigator Nick Redfern talked about the history of the base from the Cold War years and shared some little known accounts and lore related to UFOs and ETs. A story surfaced about an alleged UFO crash in Kingman, AZ in 1953 from Arthur Stanzel (aka Fritz Werner), who said he'd investigated it as part of a classified mission for the Air Force, and Stanzel, Redfern reported, was also connected with Nevada desert facilities in the 1950s that would later become known as Area 51.

In a 2005 account from a man named "John," he detailed working a security job at Area 51 starting in 1970. Almost immediately, John was exposed to documents on crashed UFOs, dead aliens, and autopsies, Redfern recounted. John couldn't understand why this classified material was shared with him, and he came to believe that the documents were faked for the purpose of testing his loyalty, or possibly it was some kind of psychological warfare to convince the Russians that the US had alien technology. Redfern also offered analysis of the Bob Lazar case, suggesting that he was not behaving in ways that would reflect a hoax-- i.e. he wasn't trying to make money off his claims. Documents viewed by computer hacker Mathew Bevan share similarities to some of Lazar's claims about a secret craft powered by a heavy chemical element, he added.

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