Mafia Spies / UAP Hearings

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Mafia Spies / UAP Hearings

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In the first half, journalist and TV producer Thomas Maier discussed how two top gangsters were hired by the CIA to kill Cuba's communist leader, Fidel Castro, only to wind up murdered themselves amidst Congressional hearings and a national debate about the JFK assassination. When Cuba became a communist country, it was, in a sense, a Russian satellite, and that was very disturbing to America during the Cold War, Maier pointed out. So, in the early 1960s, two Mafia members, Johnny Roselli, and Sam Giancana, were hired to assassinate Castro "so that the CIA wouldn't get its hands dirty," he revealed. When Castro came into power, he'd thrown out the Mafia, which had been running the casinos in Havana during the Batista government, so the Mob was just as motivated as the CIA to eliminate the Cuban leader.

In his research, Maier delved into the National Archives' 2017–18 release of the long-suppressed JFK files, and while they didn't provide a smoking gun about the JFK assassination conspiracy, they detailed the efforts of the CIA, who were also training Cuban exiles to try to kill Castro. Both Roselli and Giancana were murdered in the 1970s before appearing at a Senate hearing looking into the CIA's involvement with Castro's potential assassination. Roselli had given an earlier testimony and then was going to be called back because he indicated he knew who had killed Pres. Kennedy. "I was really surprised at the extent to which Bobby Kennedy was involved with the CIA operation down in Florida" with the attempts to get rid of Castro, Maier added, noting that the US was "essentially running a war out of Florida."


In the latter half, one of Britain's leading paranormal experts, Richard Lawrence, shared an analysis of the recent hearing on UAPs by the House Oversight national security subcommittee. He found the hearing's three witnesses, retired Maj. David Grusch, former Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves, and retired Cmdr. David Fravor to all be quite credible and noted that the hearing was one of the few successful bipartisan efforts of the current US Congress. What has been emerging from the Navy video clips and elsewhere is that the UFOs have incredible capabilities, and this concurs with a book he wrote with the late contactee Dr. George King, "Contacts With the Gods From Space." Grusch, he continued, contributed the most contentious and significant revelations at the hearing, including that the US has retrieved "non-human" biological matter from the otherworldly craft.

Lawrence suspects that the so-called biologic evidence may actually be robotic in nature, but because it's so sophisticated in its design, it appears to us to be biological. The capacity of UAP to disarm military jets was addressed at the hearing, and security concerns were raised regarding whether the unidentified craft were hostile. Lawrence contended that the UFOs and their occupants are peaceful, not hostile, and as evidence for this, he cited that they have not harmed us even though they certainly have the capacity to do so. Their technology stems from "a physics we don't have on Earth," Fravor told the committee. Beyond the hearing, Lawrence believes that governments are still attempting to control the UFO agenda, either because they don't have the answers behind the phenomenon or they don't want the public to have them. Yet, "if we are proactive, if we make an effort...we will find the truth," he concluded.

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