Tobe Johnson

Tobe Johnson


Tobe Johnson is the author of ‘The Owl Moon Lab’ books and researcher of all things related to Bigfoot. With over a decade of research and his own experiences he has dedicated his work to investigating the relationship of Sasquatch and the paranormal. Tobe is the co-producer of the documentary Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed-- a groundbreaking 2-part documentary series that focuses on Sasquatch witness testimony. Tobe has come to the conclusion that Sasquatch is not only very real, but is far beyond what most would have you believe.



Past Shows:

  • Military Drug Experiments / Bigfoot Experiences

    Nick Brigden, documentary filmmaker, and chemical weapons historian, Reid Kirby, described how the US army used mind-altering drugs on its own soldiers. Followed by Bigfoot researcher Tobe Johnson and filmmaker Brett Eichenberger detailing evidence and sightings of Sasquatch.More »

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