Vesa Iitti

Vesa Iitti


Vesa Iitti is a Finnish writer and translator with a master’s degree in comparative religion from the University of Turku. He lives in Turku, Finland.



Past Shows:

  • Guardians of the Looking Glass / Finnish Occultism

    Filmmaker Frank Jacob revealed details about Project Looking Glass, time technology, and whistleblowers called Guardians of the Looking Glass. Next, author Vesa Iitti delved into the secrets of the occult tradition of Finland.More »

Last Night

Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid
Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid
Hypnotherapist and researcher Yvonne Smith shared details and conclusions about alien abductions. Followed by Area 51 researcher Joerg Arnu and his partner Linda Hellow on the FBI raids of their homes.


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