Frank Jacob

Frank Jacob


Frank Jacob is an award-winning independent filmmaker, editor, director, composer, and creative designer, producing compelling documentary and commercial films for a diverse and exciting range of broadcasters and brands. From forbidden archaeology to sexy cars, consciousness to extreme sports; from story development to camera work, music, sound design, graphic design, and motion graphics, Jacob works at all levels of the production process, on all industry-standard software platforms.



Past Shows:

  • Earth's Shifting Core / The Dystopian Age

    Maverick geophysicist Dr. J. Marvin Herndon discussed the recent news about the Earth shifting its core, and his theories. Followed by investigative reporter Cheryll Jones with her interview with filmmaker Frank Jacob on the dystopian threat.More »
  • Guardians of the Looking Glass / Finnish Occultism

    Filmmaker Frank Jacob revealed details about Project Looking Glass, time technology, and whistleblowers called Guardians of the Looking Glass. Next, author Vesa Iitti delved into the secrets of the occult tradition of Finland.More »