Eric Mintel

Eric Mintel


Eric Mintel is a jazz musician and paranormal investigator. He has played piano all his life, and his career highlights include two performances by invitation at the White House, several concerts at the Kennedy Center, and a special concert at the United Nations.


Past Shows:

  • Heart Disease & Stress / UFOs & Cryptids

    Author and researcher Douglas Mulhall discussed his new work on heart disease and the hidden stresses related to it. Followed by paranormal investigator Eric Mintel on UFOs and cryptids.More »
  • Mars Anomalies / Investigating Cryptids

    Richard C. Hoagland discussed the photo NASA released of a "door" in a cliff face on Mars, and NASA's interest in UFOs. Followed by paranormal investigator Eric Mintel on his sighting of the Beast of Bray Road, and other cases.More »

Last Night

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