Oliver Williams

Oliver Williams


Oliver Williams is the website editor for the time travel story of John Titor. He first saw John Titor's internet postings in the fall of 2002. After reading many of the sites where John was discussed, it amazed Oliver as to how much polarization and confrontation John's posts caused. Oliver soon realized that part of the problem was that there was no one place where all the posts could be easily seen. In early 2003, Oliver gathered the posts that John had left online and edited them into a single web site. The website also contains email and news events that point to subjects John spoke about. Oliver doesn't know if John Titor was a real time traveler or not, but, he says, what still amazes him about the posts is their ability to draw you in, question your sanity for thinking it might be real, and then scare you to death after seeing events unfold as John had said.


Past Shows:

  • HAARP & Weather Control

    Electrical engineer and researcher Brooks Agnew talked about Project HAARP-styled technology, used by the U.S., China and Russia to artificially manipulate the ionosphere & weather, and potentially control populations and armies. First hour guest, Oliver Williams gave an...More »
  • UFO Disclosure

    Former Minister of National Defense in Canada, Paul Hellyer discussed how Col. Philip J. Corso's work on UFOs inspired him to get involved with UFO disclosure, and the implications it has for the future of the planet. First hour guest, Oliver Williams, website editor for...More »
  • Crystal Skulls Special

    A special show on the powers and mysteries of Crystal Skulls featured five different guests: Cece Stevens, Sherry Whitfield Merrell, Jane Doherty, Wachan,& Jaap van Etten, who will all be appearing at the upcoming Crystal Skulls Festival/World Mysteries Conference. First...More »
  • John Titor, Time Traveler?

    During the first two hours of Friday's show, Oliver Williams discussed the fascinating case of alleged time traveler John Titor. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Honey Bees, Extinctions, and UFOs

    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented reports on the honey bee disappearance, amphibian extinction, and the UFO phenomenon. Honey bees continue to disappear in huge numbers from the Pacific Coast and England, and it's now a serious question whether there'll be...More »
  • John Titor & Time Travel

    Historian for alleged time traveler John Titor, Oliver Williams reviewed the facts of the remarkable case, and related some of Titor's past predictions to recent news stories. Titor's story has been pieced together from posts he made on Internet discussion boards beginning in...More »
  • John Titor Update

    During the first hour, George spoke with the creator of johntitor.com, Oliver Williams, and Titor family attorney Larry Haber, who talked about the famous time traveler case.More »
  • Remote Viewing & the Paranormal

    Remote viewer Paul Smith spoke about his experiences working in the now disbanded Stargate program. As part of a team, they remote viewed targets at the behest of the intelligence community such as the hostage situation in Lebanon, he said, but were rarely told when they...More »
  • Paranormal Research & Investigations

    Paranormal researcher Nick Reiter shared case studies and theories regarding mysterious phenomena such as ghosts and entities. The unifying theme to such experiences appears to be human consciousness, and the phenomena can't be entirely separated from the living person's...More »
  • Tracking & Infiltration

    Documentary filmmaker and researcher Alex Jones returned to talk about the latest infiltration of the Bohemian Grove, automated tracking systems, and ominous developments in government spying. He warned that transponders, microchips and cell phones were increasingly being used...More »
  • Rebroadcast: Oliver Williams

    In this rebroadcast from 8/6/04, George Noory and his guest Oliver Williams discussed John Titor and time travel.More »
  • John Titor Update

    During the first two hours of Friday's program, Oliver Williams, website editor for JohnTitor.com, provided background info and an update on the predictions of alleged time traveler, John Titor, as well as took calls from listeners.All that is known about Titor, Williams...More »
  • Rebroadcast: Oliver Williams

    This rebroadcast from 10/8/04 featured Oliver Williams discussing alleged time traveler John Titor, as well as Open Lines.More »
  • John Titor Update

    During Friday night's show, Oliver Williams provided an update on alleged time traveler John Titor. According to Williams, John Titor traveled to our present in a machine built by GE in 2034.More »
  • John Titor, Time Traveler

    During the first two hours of Friday's show, Oliver Williams discussed the alleged time traveler John Titor, as well as fielded calls from listeners. According to Williams, John Titor traveled to our present from 2036, a time reeling from a nuclear conflict that finally ended an...More »

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