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John Titor & Time Travel

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Historian for alleged time traveler John Titor, Oliver Williams reviewed the facts of the remarkable case, and related some of Titor's past predictions to recent news stories. Titor's story has been pieced together from posts he made on Internet discussion boards beginning in November 2000 and ending in March 2001. He claims to have traveled to 1975 from the year 2036 (a period recovering from the devastation of World War III)-- to find an IBM computer that was needed to fix something in his time.

Williams believes that we could be living in an alternate reality that was changed by Titor's visit in 1975. Specifically, he did something to stop Y2K from happening, said Williams. According to the timeline Titor shared, America entered a Civil War between 2005 and 2010, then became involved in a global war which culminated in a nuclear exchange in 2015. By 2036, the population had been reduced by one third, society is more agrarian and the US capitol is in Nebraska. The country is divided up into five main areas, with states having more control.

Williams noted that the upcoming research at CERN may lead to unexpected breakthroughs in time travel-- and that Titor had posted comments connecting experiments at CERN to the development of time travel. Williams has created several podcasts related to the Titor story, which can be viewed on You Tube.

Oil & Water

There were two 1st hour guests. Richard C. Hoagland commented on recent stories about salt from dried up lakes being found on Mars, and a possible lake on Titan. Then, Jerome Corsi, co-author of Black Gold Stranglehold, discussed an untapped oil field in the U.S. There may be 500 billion barrels of oil in this field, which could be drilled using the new technology of horizontal drills, he said.

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