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UFO researchers Ryan & Bob Wood discussed specific details they uncovered in leaked government documents about alien craft and ETs. They have examined a Special Operations Manual (SOM) from 1954, and found it to be authentic based on such factors as the terminology and type faces used in the document. The manual, labeled TOP SECRET - MAJIC EYES ONLY, deals with extraterrestrial entities and technology, recovery and disposal. Bob said two different types of aliens or EBEs are described in the document, one of which weighed around 80 lbs, was 5 feet tall, and had a larger, rounder cranium. Such a being might be mistaken for an "Oriental," said the document.

Ryan Wood said the SOM described what to do with various recovered items such as living entities, deceased entities, and weapons, and where to take such material. It's logical that the military would focus on reverse engineering some of this, he surmised. In fact, one of the memos talked about discoveries of new strains of retroviruses in recovered alien bodies that if understood could be developed as an ultimate biological weapon, he said.

According to one of the documents, two ET craft were recovered after being shot down during the Battle of Los Angeles in 1942; one of them was retrieved by the Army in the San Bernardino Mountains, said Bob.

Many of the top secret documents they received came from a researcher named Timothy Cooper who grew up at Alamogordo and Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico between 1948-1953. Ryan said he is embarking on a project called UFOdex that would pool together various UFO-related databases to create one, large, searchable resource.

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First hour guest, financial analyst Catherine Austin Fitts shared an update on the economy. Debt has to work its way through the system, she said, adding that, right now, we're looking at a tremendous consolidation, particularly in the commercial real estate market.

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