Rabbi Moshe Yess

Rabbi Moshe Yess


In 1978 Moshe Yess took a one way trip to Jerusalem, Israel and enrolled in a Rabbi College, a yeshiva, and studied Judaism there for about 7 years. In 1990 and 91, after witnessing very profound events that happened within the Chassidic Jewish Community call Habad-Lubavitch, Moshe Yess came to a startling realization which explains what is afoot in today’s chaotic world from a Jewish perspective. In 1998 Moshe Yess assumed the title of Rabbi.


Past Shows:

  • Emotion Code / Messianic Messages

    In the first half of the show, George Noory welcomed Dr. Bradley Nelson for a discussion about how people carry trapped emotions that affect their well being. In the latter half, Rabbi Moshe Yess shared a message to humanity about how the Messianic Era (foretold in Jewish...More »
  • Jewish Prophecy

    Francene Cucinello filled in for Barbara Simpson this past Sunday night. She spoke with Rabbi Moshe Yess who believes we may be living at the "end of days." He spoke about the current situation in Iraq which he says was prophesied by Isaiah (of the Bible) as well as the revered...More »
  • Howard Bloom & Crop Circles

    Mass behavior expert Howard Bloom was the guest for the first half of Wednesday night's regular show, offering his analysis of how the war was being portrayed in the media. Ed and Kris Sherwood, internationally known Crop Circle researchers, were George's guests for the second...More »

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