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Howard Bloom & Crop Circles


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    Mass behavior expert Howard Bloom was the guest for the first half of Wednesday night's regular show, offering his analysis of how the war was being portrayed in the media. "The foreign press has been set up to believe that everything America does is an atrocity," Bloom said, pointing to a "secret war going on behind the headlines."

    He suggested that the Iraqi military may be dressing as civilians, so that when they are killed or injured they can claim it was a civilian casualty. He added they also may be wearing similar uniforms as the US military and assassinating people such as Shi'ites and then using the foreign press to photograph such incidents as examples of American brutality.


    Ed and Kris Sherwood, internationally known Crop Circle researchers, were George's guests for the second half of Coast. They believe that the phenomenon of complex patterns made in farmer's fields, falls into three categories: man-made, extraterrestrial and divine-force. The third source is the one they have spent the most time investigating said Ed Sherwood who described it as a "supernatural and natural combination of forces that result in creation." The Sherwoods pinpointed a "psychokinetic energy" of human consciousness that interacts with a "mostly unseen omniscient intelligence," as a possible method to the formations.

    Ed Sherwood described being present at the creation of one such crop circle that was preceded by the presence of an orange fireball moving above the field. Sometimes an unusual loud noise is heard in tandems with the formations. "The most common sound is a trilling...¦like thousands of crickets," he said.

    Kris Sherwood confirmed that the government may be aware of the situation. "They have equipment that can sense the atmospheric plasmas," and can have military helicopters there on the spot she said. But the Sherwoods believe that the government lacks an understanding of the phenomenon which they believe is serving to awaken human consciousness to a new coming of age.

    Early Feed

    Moshe Yess who assumed the title of Rabbi in 1998, said we may be living at the "end of days," when he was George's guest on the early feed for Wednesday night. Yess outlined how the current war in Iraq, and specifically the battle in Basra was written about by the biblical prophet Isaiah, and the revered Rabbi Schneerson who died in 1994.

    This is the "beginning of the final redemption" and "the greatest change in human history," stated Yess, who believes that there is a high possibility that Rabbi Schneerson will reappear and be declared the Messiah as events play out in Iraq.

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