Emotion Code / Messianic Messages

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Emotion Code / Messianic Messages


  • Nelson: Emotional Baggage
  • Nelson: Magnets & Subconscious
  • Yess: Prophecy & Messianic Era
  • About the show

    In the first half of the show, George Noory welcomed Dr. Bradley Nelson for a discussion about how people carry trapped emotions that affect their well being. He discovered that "emotional baggage that people were hanging onto was making them sick and creating depression and anxiety, and phobias...and that it's the biggest underlying source of disease." Intense emotions that a person can't process can become lodged in the body as a ball of energy that can distort a person's natural field, he explained.

    After tapping into the subconscious to identify trapped energies, he said that magnets can be used to clear them. The magnets, which could be just ordinary refrigerator magnets, are run along the Governing Meridian, starting at upper lip, over the nose and over the top of the head, going all the way to the top of the tailbone, he detailed. Nelson also talked how the heart has a kind of brain, and most people have erected a detrimental heart wall that keeps them closed off.


    In the latter half, Rabbi Moshe Yess shared a message to humanity about how the Messianic Era (foretold in Jewish sacred literature millennia ago) is now upon us, and what lies ahead for mankind on several fronts. The late Rabbi Schneerson, a prominent Hasidic leader and prophet, who emphasized the time of the messiah was near, is actually the Jewish Messiah, and will rise from the dead, according to Yess' belief. His "perceived passing is in fact part of the process of his ultimate revelation," he added.

    Rabbi Yess outlined various prophetic events that we are already in or about to see, including a global economic collapse, and a multi-national war against Israel that will involve the return of the Messiah. Afterward, a new divine paradigm will reign, he said, in which illness will cease to exist, there'll be food & shelter for everyone, and no more war, with the spirit of evil removed from all of creation.


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