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Aging & Plastic Surgery/ Open Lines

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In the first half, Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tony Youn, discussed solutions to beauty and aging problems, as well as the many surgeries and cases he's worked on. "Technology has allowed us to do all these non-surgical procedures that really turn back the clock for a lot of people," such as fillers, botox, Coolsculpting-- a type of fat freezing, and Kybella injections, which decrease chin/neck fat, he cited. A recent popular procedure, known as the 'Brazilian butt lift,' in which people get injections in their buttocks, is a safer process than implants in that body region, he noted.

Before embarking on any treatment, one should always look for qualified professionals, and surgeons who are members of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), he advised. The website is a good resource for checking out reviews for different procedures and doctors, he added. As far as keeping your face looking young, he recommended a daily application of 30 SPF sunscreen as well as an antioxidant cream, exfoliating 2-3 times a week, and a nightly anti-aging cream with Retinol.

In cases of surgeries going wrong, leeches are a secret weapon to salvage an operation, sucking the blood out of a body part, and acting like an external vein, he revealed. Interestingly, hair transplantation procedures are now being conducted by robots, replanting individual hairs from one part of the scalp to the bald area. Looking ahead, Dr. Youn believes stem cells and cellular regeneration could be the future of medicine and plastic surgery.


Open Lines were featured in the latter half. Don described undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy (having the size of his stomach reduced), and losing 275 lbs.-- he originally weighed 575 lbs. Josh shared his vivid dreams of destruction and ET interactions. Raymond, a singer from Fresno, related his harrowing experience of encountering a 'black-eyed' (no pupils) woman in the audience at his performance, who said she had the devil in her, shortly before vanishing. John from Canada said he saw three Thunderbirds with enormous wingspans of 20-30ft. near a cottage in Balls Falls, Ontario. Joshua from Austin, Texas detailed a bizarre encounter when a mentally ill man ate mail out of his mailbox, including Joshua's 1099 form.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Steve Kates


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