Bryce Zabel

Bryce Zabel


A winner of the prestigious Writers Guild award for screenwriting, Bryce Zabel has created and produced five prime time television series, including fan favorites like NBC’s UFO thriller "Dark Skies" and the TV adaptation of "The Crow", and worked on a dozen TV writing staffs (i.e. "Lois & Clark”, "Steven Spielberg’s Taken"). A produced feature writer (i.e. “Atlantis", "Mortal Kombat Annihilation") and miniseries writer (i.e. “Blackbeard”, “Pandemic"), Bryce's latest film, "The Last Battle", based on a New York Times bestseller, will be shot by Endurance Media in Europe next year.

He was the first writer since Rod Serling elected to serve as Chairman/CEO of the Television Academy. He has taught screenwriting as an Adjunct Professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, reported on-air as a CNN correspondent, and won multiple awards for investigative reporting for PBS. His "Breakpoint alternate history book series is the winner of the coveted Sidewise Award for Alternate History for its debut novel about the JFK assassination, "Surrounded by Enemies," and continues with "Once There Was a Way", a novel about The Beatles staying together. He is developing “The Crash," about the race to break the Roswell story, and “Captured" about the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. His book "A.D. After Disclosure" with Richard Dolan is considered a classic of UFO literature.




Past Shows:

  • UFO Cover-ups / Death & the Paranormal

    UFO researchers Bryce Zabel and Ross Coulhart discussed alleged cover-ups by government and media of UFO sightings in recent years. Followed by researcher Joshua Cutchin on a new mythology of death and the paranormal.More »
  • UFOs: What Comes Next?

    Former intelligence officer Lue Elizondo spoke about UAP, and what we might expect from the phenomenon in 2022. Followed by journalist and television producer Bryce Zabel who also weighed in on the subject.More »
  • Humans vs. Animals

    Author Mary Roach delved into the curious science of human-wildlife conflict. In the first hour, M.L. Behrman related Roswell to his own bizarre desert experience, and Bryce Zabel commented on the 25th anniversary of Dark Skies.More »
  • Investigating UFOs / UAP Disclosure

    UFO investigator Katie Griboski discussed the nature of UFO/UAP reports, and the obstacles in investigating them. Followed by screenwriter and producer Bryce Zabel on the fast-breaking developments in the UAP story.More »
  • The Chemtrails Agenda / UFO Disclosure & Hollywood

    Peter A. Kirby presented evidence for chemtrails and who might profit from manipulation of the weather. Followed by Bryce Zabel on his Betty & Barney Hill TV project, and UFO disclosure.More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 10/3/96 when Bryce Zabel, who was the executive producer of the NBC program Dark Skies, discussed Roswell, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and deciphering the truth.More »
  • Art Bell Tribute Show

    Coast to Coast AM presented a special tribute to Art Bell, with a cavalcade of guests throughout the night, and classic audio clips.More »
  • What if the Beatles Stayed Together?

    Bryce Zabel pondered a world where The Beatles stayed together, and covered the UFO phenomenon. In hour one, Dannion Brinkley shared his work with vets.More »
  • Art Bell: Somewhere in Time

    Art Bell: Somewhere in Time journeyed back to October 3, 1996, when Art was joined by Bryce Zabel who was the executive producer of the NBC program Dark Skies to discuss everything from Roswell, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and deciphering the truth.More »
  • Strange Disappearances / If JFK Lived

    Researcher David Paulides shared updates on cases of people who inexplicably disappear from national parks and rural settings. In the latter half, author Bryce Zabel talked about his meticulously researched new novel, Surrounded by Enemies: What If Kennedy Survived...More »
  • Disclosure Scenarios

    Historian and researcher Richard M. Dolan, and journalist and screenwriter, Bryce Zabel, discussed the various scenarios that will follow an official acknowledgement of the existence of UFOs, ETs and alien contact. In the first hour, author Bill Fawell talked about how the...More »
  • Hollywood & UFOs

    Joining George Knapp, writer/producer Bryce Zabel discussed why topics like UFOs and ETs are such a focus of TV and movie projects. In particular, he talked about his creation of the TV series Dark Skies (now out on DVD) which aired in 1996 on NBC. First hour guest, Mark...More »
  • Ancient UFOs / After Disclosure

    In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by legendary Ufologist Jacques Vallee for a discussion on UFO sightings from biblical-era antiquity through the year 1879. Over the course of the conversation, he also talked about remote viewing and provided his take on...More »
  • Ufology's 'Majic Men'

    Ufologists Stanton Friedman and Don Schmitt, along with Hollywood producers Bryce Zabel and Don Most, discussed the film Majic Men, which will be based on their careers as UFO investigators searching for the truth about the Roswell incident. In the first hour, reporter Greg...More »

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