UFOs: What Comes Next?

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UFOs: What Comes Next?

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UFOs were a hot topic in 2021, from a new program approved by Congress to study the phenomenon to dramatic statements issued by intelligence and military officials. Lue Elizondo, a former intelligence officer who spent ten years working with a secret DOD effort investigating UAP, joined George Knapp in the first half to discuss what comes next. The UAP report to Congress in June was monumental, Elizondo remarked, in the sense that out of the 144 documented cases, only one of them could be explained, and the authors could not rule out an off-world origin for the phenomena. Some skeptics have suggested that UAP cases like the TicTac incident may have just been drones. But he pointed out that drones don't have the capability of flying into both water and space or the "antigravity" properties that some UAP demonstrate (showing no apparent signs of propulsion, for example). 

Coming in 2022, Elizondo has been working to create several UAP advisory boards including civilians, academics, and technologists, to advise senior policymakers. There are a lot of perspectives to consider, including national security, politics, and sociology. He pointed out that the question isn't are UFOs real? It's we know they're here-- what are we going to do about it? For instance, how will humanity react with first official contact? Elizondo noted that a wider cross-section of media is covering the story and treating it seriously. He also talked about his forthcoming book for HarperCollins that will contain new information, and an upcoming documentary in which he'll be featured.


In the latter half, journalist and television producer Bryce Zabel looked back on UFO development in 2021 and previewed what's to come in 2022. Like Elizondo, Zabel was pleased with the congressional report back in June, but was even more enthusiastic about the Gillibrand-Rubio UAP amendment that passed as part of the Defense Appropriation Act in December. 2022 could see more revelations because of this, he suggested. He was also impressed by 60 Minutes' coverage of the UFO topic back in August, which was the first time the long-running show covered the subject. Zabel commented on the recent passing of Sen. Harry Reid, who played a significant role in the UFO disclosure movement (though most obituaries completely ignored his interest in this arena).

He was happy to see a number of intelligence figures speaking out about the UAP issue, including the former head of the CIA, John Brennan, commenting that some of the military incidents may represent a different life form. In a recent article, Zabel speculated that UAPs could become an issue for political candidates in the upcoming 2022 midterm election, and what they say may affect the success of their campaigns. For more on UFO mysteries, check out Bryce's podcast "Need to Know" that he co-hosts with Australian investigative reporter Ross Coulthart.


George Knapp shared recent items of interest including an article about concerns with brain-computer interfaces:

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