John Zerzan

John Zerzan


John Zerzan's work has been published in the theory journal TELOS, Oak Journal, the Detroit publication Fifth Estate, Eugene’s Green Anarchy, Species Traitor (anarcho-primitivist) and Black and Green Review. His books include Elements of Refusal (1988, 1998), Future Primitive (1994), Against Civilization (1999), Running on Emptiness (2002), Twilight of the Machines (2008), and Origins: A John Zerzan Reader (2010), Future Primitive Revisited (2012), Why Hope? (2015) and A People's History of Civilization (2018), and the newest release, When We Are Human (2021).

An active participant in the contemporary anarchist resurgence, Zerzan has been an invited speaker at both radical and conventional events on several continents. His weekly Anarchy Radio broadcast streams live on KWVA radio, Eugene; past shows are available at his website. A special focus has been the nature of technology and the technological society.



Past Shows:

  • Against Technology / Channeled Wisdom

    Writer and philosopher John Zerzan shared his contention that technology does not make for a higher standard of living. Followed by channeler Paul Selig with the latest wisdom his spirit guides.More »
  • Anarcho-Primitivism

    John B. Wells welcomed intellectual leader of the anarcho-primitivist movement, John Zerzan, who offered his controversial opinions on the ills of technology and how it is responsible for destroying human communities. In the first hour, food expert Jeffrey Smith commented...More »
  • John Zerzan

    John Zerzan, ideological friend to Ted Kaczynski, and mentor to theanti-Globalist anarchists, is well known for his anarchist critique oftechnology and his work on the origins of our contemporary society incrisis.More »

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