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ET Presence

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"I was very interested in the political aspect of the ET presence," said Michael Salla PhD, the guest on Wednesday night's show. The founder of, a site dedicated to the ramifications of such a presence, Salla believes there is evidence for extraterrestrial contact in ancient Sumeria, a civilization that may have had advanced medical procedures and power sources.

Further, Salla believes a "transportation device to move between time and space" known as a Stargate was used by "the most privileged of the ET," in that area, which is now modern-day Iraq. "I think whatever technology is there, I believe Saddam Hussein is aware of it…but wouldn't know how to use it at all," Salla said. He suggested that the location of the Stargate is why the Bush administration is so interested in Iraq, and there is concern about what would happen if this technology was activated and "an advanced race of ET's suddenly starts appearing in Iraq."

Salla speculated that the Stargate could also have transformational significance. It may "represent a shift in consciousness-- ¦it might be a device or metaphor for a global energy grid," and that if human consciousness is linked to it, it could open a gateway to interdimensional travel, he said.