Numerology Types

Numerology Types


HostBarbara Simpson

GuestsGlynis McCants

Glynis McCants, a professional numerologist, joined guest host Barbara Simpson on Friday night. Using a system Pythagoras created 2,500 years ago, McCants espoused that the numbers 1-9 each "vibrate" with their own energy and are indicators of different personality types. A person's birth date added together yields a 1-9 number and this information can be used in a number of ways, such as to determine their compatibility to another person, she said.

Persons' names also have a number (each letter is represented by a number such as shown in this chart and McCants said that even the first vowel in a person's name can offer telling details about them. For instance, if the letter "a" is the first vowel, such as in the name Jack, that equals a number "1", which indicates they are multitaskers who are self motivated. The vowel "e" is a "5" suggesting "never a dull moment," she continued. Additionally, "i" is a "9" signifying leadership but unresolved family issues, "o" is a "6" which has a mothering energy, "u" is a "3" showing humor and talkativeness, and "y" is a "7" with a mysterious or spiritual quality, she explained.

Year of the Six

Our new year 2004 equals a "6" ( 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 = 6), tonight's guest Glynis McCants writes in an article she penned for the latest issue of After Dark. Here is an excerpt, in which she tells us what to expect in 2004:

"The 6 represents home and family. If you are not in a relationship, it's time to look at love and say, "Is it time for me to settle down?" If there is somebody in your life that you don't feel good about, this is the year to end it. If there's a business you want to start, this is a good time to make it happen.This is also a year to sign a long-term contract, as opposed to the year 2003, where everything felt pretty shaky. The 6 is a much calmer cycle. We all need to learn to say, 'It's going good and I deserve it!' "

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