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Time Travel Open Lines

Date Sunday - August 22, 2004
Host Art Bell
Guests Open Lines

Art dedicated this Sunday night for Open Lines and reserved one line for 'Time Travelers.' One such caller said he came from the 1970's where through his experimentation with "electromagnetic frequencies" he stumbled upon the ability to travel into the future. He said his travels are bound by a set of rules overseen by an elite group and that occasionally problems arise when he gets "stuck in a magnetic stream."

Another caller to this line said he had been involved in time travel experiments as a government employee and that he suffered from medical problems because of it. "Accelerated time," in which, for instance a 3-hour experience could be felt as one hour, is a related area the government is studying he said.

A third caller related a curious tale of meeting a 'time traveler' in Las Vegas who told him to gamble at the Flamingo "at the table right in front of me." When he got to the casino, he saw a life size cardboard cut-out of Bugsy Siegel (which resembled the man) and he said he ended up winning $7,000 at that table.

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