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Mysterious Earth

Date Tuesday - September 14, 2004
Host George Noory
Guests Paul Devereux

Making his C2C debut, author Paul Devereux shared his research into unusual geophysical phenomena and anthropological sites. Natural structures were the first sacred places, he said, and probably served as inspiration for man-made structures such as the pyramids in Egypt. (He noted that there is a very large natural pyramid-shaped formation in the Valley of the Kings).

Devereux also presented his views on UFOs and paranormal phenomena. Skeptical of the notion of alien visitation, he commented that the "rigid, literal idea of ETs" has hindered our concepts of Earth's real mysteries and it limits the way we think of other phenomena.

And yet he described having a variety of paranormal-styled encounters himself over the years which included seeing an anomalous "airship" as a child in the 1950's, and a ghost-like 2-3 ft. tall figure appearing in a road. Devereux said he relates these experiences to the notion of "apparitions," adding that "the answer to these mysteries is much bigger than we dare to think." For more, check out a set of images Devereux shared with us.

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