Nuclear Threat to America

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Nuclear Threat to America


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    In the first half of the show, Paul L. Williams, author of the upcoming book, Al-Qaeda Connection, discussed the threat of nuclear attacks in the U.S. by terrorists. The fact that bin Laden has nuclear weapons has been verified, he said, and al Qaeda has been planning an attack on America, that is "well on its way." Sources that run the gamut from military, academic, press and intelligence all concur that a nuclear attack in the U.S. is imminent, Williams declared. The rationale for bin Laden's attack is spelled out in his 'letter to America,' he noted.

    The MS-13 street gang has helped smuggle suitcase nukes across the border from Mexico, said Williams, who added that he believes at least 20 nukes have already been positioned inside America. They are likely transported in led containers that make their detection difficult. He based his findings on intelligence from US, British, Pakistani and Israeli sources which indicate that tactical nuclear weapons may have been stolen from the Russian arsenal in the chaos following the breakup of the USSR.

    If a 10-kiloton bomb went off in a city such as Los Angeles, it would take out at least a half-mile area. Following the impact, there'd be a 460 ft. tall fireball heated to 10 million degrees Celsius, which could rip through the city for miles, he detailed. Among the problems that have led to this situation, Williams named the porous borders that allow illegals to easily slip in to the U.S., the small percentage of freight that is checked on ships and planes, and the "radical" mosques within the U.S. that harbor and foster terrorism efforts.

    Mid-Year Forecast

    In the second half of the show, internationally known psychic Joe Jacobs checked in for a mid-year review of events and a look into what could be shaping up for the rest of the year. The American economy looks OK for the rest of 2005, with good business during the X-mas season, he said. However, beginning March 22, 2006, the U.S. could face economic difficulties, he added, as some shock could be occurring during March/April.

    Jacobs also warned that worldwide the months of September and November of 2005 will be kind of "harsh" and he advised caution. California, he said, goes into a difficult time between July 19th and September 8th 2005, and it may have something to do with water. Skipping ahead to the year 2012, he suggested that the sun may have unusually high activity then which could knock out our satellites and create a lot of changes and restructuring.

    Seeing repeated numbers such as 111 or 222 can actually be messages from your guardian angels, who are checking in with you, Jacobs shared. In terms of numerology, he suggested the following meanings: 111- communicate on a wider scale, 444- get yourself organized and 555- there may be a change coming. To develop one's psychic abilities, you should listen to your "quiet self," Jacobs advised.

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