Remote Viewing, ETs & Mind Warfare

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Remote Viewing, ETs & Mind Warfare


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    Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames returned to alert listeners to things he sees on the 'event horizon,' and also offer analysis of UFOs/aliens and mind warfare. Art asked him for a reaction to a recent news article about the Canadian Parliament being requested to hold hearings on relations with alien "ET" civilizations and concerns over weapons in space. The US military is not actually concerned about ETs, said Dames, but it would like to set up a base on the moon, possibly using directed energy weapons to give us an advantage over potential foes from Earth. He also said he and a team member remote viewed a Bulgarian UFO video clip which was featured on the site the previous week, and they found that it was a kind of capsule, projected from a planet quite far away, that is inhabited by intelligent insectoid beings.

    Dames shared several predictions. There will be a destructive Seattle-Tacoma earthquake, probably sometime in 2006, that will take buildings down and cause seawater to come in. Downtown Seattle is a particular danger spot, he implied. A number of diseases are becoming more problematic. Black mold (mycotoxin) that developed in the wake of the hurricanes in the Gulf Coast states will cause deaths. Avian flu will kill many birds in the US, and prion diseases will bring about the numerous deaths of cows and cattle.

    Dames also touched on mind warfare techniques and said that in China, children are being used for remote influencing experiments that could have military applications. He also noted that his team had remote viewed the location of al-Zarqawi, who appears to be hiding in an underground drainage system in the city of Ar Rutbah. Check out a photo of Dames' ace team of remote viewers, whom he calls the "Magnificent Seven."

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