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Dinosaurs & Man


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    Archaeologist and researcher Dennis Swift discussed his work compiling evidence of dinosaurs and humanity living together on Earth, in the last few thousand years. A number of ancient civilizations have accurately depicted dinosaurs, indicating that they had actually seen them, he argued. Additionally, he believes many of these ancient people had advanced skills and technologies.

    The Ica stones, created by pre-Columbian people, have different species of dinosaurs engraved on them and also depict sophisticated human surgeries, he cited. Textiles from Peru dating back to 300-500 BC have a T-Rex-like creature on them, he added.Swift has also studied the mysterious Nazca lines, which include geo-glyphs of a dinosaur as well as a gigantic spider. The spider design is actually based on a very tiny spider and is so accurately constructed they would've needed a microscope to get the details right, he reported.

    Swift believes dinosaurs and other creatures thought to be extinct could still exist today, in places like the huge swamp of Congo (which is the size of Florida). In western Nepal there've been reports of a 17-ft. tall mammoth-like elephant, he noted. Representing the creationist point of view, he criticized the theory of evolution, calling the geological column (which indicates different epochs such as the Mesozoic) "an artificial contrivance."

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