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Predictions & Readings


  • Riell: Messages & Coincidences
  • Turi: Methods & Predictions
  • Turi: Readings
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    Appearing in the second-half of the program, seer Dr. Louis Turi shared a predictive update for the rest of 2007 and also provided readings for callers. Below are the dates he sent us to watch out for:

    • June 2007: *16th / #26th

    • July 2007: +2nd / *13th / #22nd / +30th
    • August 2007: *9th / #19th / +26th
    • Sept 2007: +5th / #15th / +23th
    • Oct 2007: *3rd / #12th / +20th / *30th
    • Nov 2007: *1st / #19th /+16th / *26th
    • Dec 2007: #6th / +13th / *24th

    Understanding the Legends: (*) - (#) - (+)

    (+) Cosmos News/Nuke/Weird news /Surprises/Explosions/Shocking news/ Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Tornadoes/ NASA/Aeronautics/UFO.

    (*) Beginning/Ending of Important Portion of Life/ Forced Relocation/Destructive weather.

    (#) Famous Death/Dramatic News/Police/FBI/CIA/Mob/ Secrets/Scandals/Wake Up Call/ Terrorism/Finances/Sex/Serial Killers.

    Turi noted that each time the moon changed astrological signs, different energies emerged. He commented that the current Shuttle mission may face difficulties as it was launched during Mercury Retrograde. To facilitate the readings he presented to callers, he plugged their birthdates into his software program called 'Unique Celestial Identity.' Dr. Turi has also made available a free download of his book Moon Power Starguide 2007.

    Messages & Coincidence

    Appearing during the second hour, veteran journalist Howard Riell discussed his experiences with the Ouija board & channeling. These techniques, in which dozens of different entities came through with messages, led him to his work writing about coincidence and supernatural experiences in his own life. Reill was told by one of the entities that he is the reincarnation of Adam from the Bible, and was sent here to bring light.

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