Ghosts: Theories & Investigations

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Ghosts: Theories & Investigations

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Ghost Hunter John Kachuba discussed his investigations, methods, and theories. Ghosts are most often thought of as an energy residue or essence of the deceased, but in some cases we could literally be creating these entities ourselves, he said. If we believe in something strongly, we can create that reality with our mind, he commented, citing the example of tulpas or thoughtforms. Referencing recent developments in quantum physics, Kachuba suggested that ghosts could also be entities from another dimension or parallel universe, or they might be something that never had a human form.

In terms of his investigative methods, he employs a dowsing rod to locate areas of interest at potentially haunted sites, and basic tools such as a digital camera and tape recorder. At a former mental asylum in Athens, Ohio an EVP was recorded that clearly said "help us," he shared. Many ghosts aren't necessarily sinister, such as a deceased grandmother who lingers in her kitchen, and has willed herself to remain in a space that was meaningful to her. And for the most part, ghosts aren't found at cemeteries because they don't have a particular connection with those locations, he detailed.

Kachuba spoke about the book The Orb Project in which the authors propose that digital cameras sometimes capture beings that exist in different energy frequencies. He also touched on the psychic sensitivities of young children, who can be open to communicating with ghosts because they haven't developed social barriers as to what's considered acceptable.

UFO Shootdown Report

First hour guest, author Nick Pope commented on a recently declassified report about a pilot ordered to shoot down a UFO. He noted that this document wasn't an official Air Force or Ministry of Defence report, but rather a transcript forwarded by a UFO researcher. More info at the Times Online.

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