Predictions for 2009 - Part II

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Predictions for 2009 - Part II

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Art Bell hosted Part II of his Annual Predictions Show, with callers sharing one event they see coming in 2009. Here are some of the predictions Coast listeners made:

  • Angela said Obama will achieve peace in the Middle East.

  • A caller in Tennessee foresees a terrorist attack in England or Western Europe within the next month that will be similar to 9-11.

  • Julie, a truck driver in Kansas, said this will be the year that America will not stand by Israel.

  • Deflation will lead to prices dropping down to 1967 levels, said Stu in Phoenix.

  • In February, a meteorite will hit leaving many hailstone-size pieces in a small area.

  • Jim from 29 Palms believes this will be the year that an earthquake causes the Hoover Dam to break, and its waters will refill the Salton Sea.

  • Disney will attempt to acquire icons associated with Christmas such as Santa Claus, said Billy from Toronto.

  • There'll be a surge in entrepreneurship and 'green gadgets' said a female caller.

  • A trillion dollar investment in train infrastructure will turn around the economy, a male caller declared.

  • Dan in Tampa believes there'll be a new development in the JonBenet Ramsay case.

  • The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem will be destroyed, Hugh in Orlando stated.

  • Roslyn suggested that individuals in the U.S. will be growing their own food more.

  • People disgruntled with Obama will attempt to set him up, but their actions will be revealed in a Watergate-like scandal, offered Deb Deb in California.

  • Craig in Madison, CT foresees a rogue wave hitting a cruise ship ala The Poseidon Adventure.

  • A caller in Pahrump said that 2009 will be the year bin Laden will be captured.

  • Catherine from Richmond, CA said disenfranchised youth will form their own secret society, and adults will be concerned about it.

Art also reviewed callers' predictions made for 2008. Here are some of the hits and misses.

Hits (Dings):

  • Economic turmoil for the year.
  • After the Olympics, a global banking crisis will occur.
  • Food prices will go up.
  • BlackBerry will reach 2 billion in sales.

Misses (Bonks):

  • Pakistan loses submarine.
  • A new market makes the middle class rich.
  • A disabled UFO is found in Lake Tahoe.
  • Lightning becomes sentient.
  • JC exposed as a government agent.
  • Tom Cruise abandons Scientology.
  • Bees attack sewage plant.

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