Predictions Special: 2009

Hosted byIan Punnett

Predictions Special: 2009


  • Wands: Predictions for '09
  • Hoy: Predictions for '09
  • Ure: Forecast for '09
  • About the show

    Our special New Year's Day show hosted by Ian Punnett featured seven guests prognosticating about 2009. In order of the guests' appearances, here are some of the highlights:

    Psychic Jeffrey Wands:

    • There'll be a breakthrough in AIDS treatment, with possibly a vaccine. A cure for certain types of cancer will involve a food enzyme.
    • This year will have a bad hurricane season, with the West Coast even being affected at one point.
    • A possible fire at the Sears Tower will raise safety issues about large buildings.
    • Several music entertainers will die together in a plane crash.

    Psychic medium Tana Hoy:

    • Kidnappings will be on the rise in border states like California, Texas, and Arizona.
    • Real estate prices will begin to rebound this year. The economy and stock market will also become more stable. Gas prices will come down further.
    • HIV research will have a breakthrough in 2009.

    Trends analyst Gerald Celente:

    • The Collapse of '09-- markets & businesses fail. Unemployment will reach over 20%.
    • The Greatest Depression-- worse than the 1930's depression. We need a productive capacity to bring us out. We can't keep creating more paper money.
    • Economic Slim-Fast-- A return to Yankee frugality. "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, do without."

    Psychic Anthony Carr:

    • Money will be replaced by a barter system.
    • In 2012, a great comet or asteroid will be headed our way, but veer off at the last minute.
    • Around 2013, civilization as we know it will come to a close. The "star travelers" will return and bring about world peace.

    Consultant George Ure:

    • Hyper inflation will occur after February.
    • In March, a NASA whistleblower (possibly female) will reveal secrets about the organization.
    • In mid-May, a civil war or "soft revolution" will take place in some parts of the United States, such as Detroit, where unemployment levels are particularly high.

    Astrologer Mark Lerner:

    • The period of March 6–April 17th will be a difficult or turbulent time for America concerning money issues. After this time, it's better to sign contracts or make decisions related to money.
    • Obama's inauguration is scheduled during a Void-of-Course moon (when the moon transits into another astrological sign), and this could spell problems for him.

    Spiritual psychic Angela Moore:

    • Major seismic and/or volcanic activity will take place in America, possibly at Yellowstone.
    • Paranormal activity is on the rise, and parents of little kids will be blown away by their abilities.
    • The UFO community will get a boost from an event or news this year.

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