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Spirit Attachment

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During the middle two hours, Kelly Kiernan Ray, an expert in hauntings, discussed the various ways that ghosts and entities can share our space and cause physical, mental and emotional problems as well as addictions. Unlike classic cases of demonic possession, "the spirits, themselves, don't necessarily have bad intent," Ray said about the unearthly entities that may attach themselves to living people. She posited that the spirits are unaware that they are dead and, often via a chance encounter with a vulnerable person, they "get stuck in your energy field and so then you have all these conflicting thoughts, feelings, urges, and addictions."

Ray shared one chilling story of a woman who fell victim to spirit attachment. Already stricken with a low immune system, she took her mother to a hospital emergency room. While there, the patient in the adjoining bed passed away suddenly. Morbidly curious, the woman "took a peek behind the curtain" at the dead man. Upon returning home, she was afflicted with all of the symptoms of the same disease which felled him. Ray asserted that the spirit of the man died so quickly that he didn't know he'd passed away and approached the victim to ask what had happened. Upon doing so, the spirit of the man, along with his ailment, became attached to her body.

The 'New' Barcode

First hour guest Katherine Albrecht reacted to the unveiling of the 'barcode replacement.' She noted that some of the descriptions of the new device are particularly troubling to her, such as claims that it is "imperceptible to the human eye" and could be used on people. Albrecht said that while the new barcode system may seem innocuous as first, it represents another step in a process that will "bring us that much closer to a world where we are ubiquitously tracked and monitored." She also provided an update on RFID technology as well as the trend of microchipping pets.

UFO News

In the fourth hour, UFO expert Nick Pope responded to the Buzz Aldrin 'Martian monolith' story as well as the news about Russia releasing UFO files. Regarding Aldrin's revelations, Pope reported that the former Apollo 11 astronaut is "now downplaying his remarks" but suggested that Aldrin had to have foreseen the furor that has erupted in the wake of his interview. On the subject of the Russian UFO file release, Pope said he was particularly interested in the case involving six USOs pursuing a nuclear submarine.

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