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    Paranormal researcher specializing in Catholic Mysticism, Kevin Cook discussed various sightings and appearances of the Virgin Mary, including the Fatima incident in Portugal, the miracle cures at Lourdes, the mass witnesses and photos in the Zeitoun district of Cairo, Egypt, and the 1531 vision of the Virgin in Guadeloupe, Mexico. He first got interested in this subject when he encountered the strong smell of roses at a shrine in upstate New York (there were no roses there). According to the Catholic Church, this type of phenomenon is known as "the odor of sanctity."

    With the apparitions of Mary, sometimes she is silent, other times she communicates with certain people, such as the young girl at Fatima. The apparitions or strange lights at Zeitoun began in 1968 near the Coptic Orthodox Church, and were seen by thousands. There was press coverage in such publications as Stern, Paris Match, and the New York Times, he detailed. More recently, in a small village named Medjugorje, six people or "visionaries" are said to receive messages from the Virgin Mary, and the Catholic Church has been investigating their authenticity. There is also a man in Brazil, Pedro Regis, who has posted predictive messages he says he receives from "Our Lady of Peace," and some of these predictions have been startlingly accurate, said Cook.

    On occasion, demonic entities have created false apparitions to trick people, he noted. The genuine Marian apparitions express the underlying idea that God cares about us, and throughout various eras Mary has conveyed different messages for specific time periods, Cook commented. He also shared some of his research into other paranormal phenomena connected with Catholicism, such as Saints that could levitate, a deceased saint whose voice is still heard singing in a convent, and a statue of the Virgin Mary in Japan, said to weep real tears.

    Rock & Roll Mysteries

    First hour guest, historian R. Gary Patterson talked about rock star deaths, superstitions, and occult connections. He noted that many artists actually sell more records after they die. He also touched on the 'Paul is Dead' controversy, and the 'Dark Side of Oz,' the odd synchronicity of pairing the audio from the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon with the visual portion of the movie, The Wizard of Oz. Patterson announced that he will be part of a new radio show called Pop Oddity.


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