Kevin Cook

Kevin Cook


Kevin Cook is a student of the paranormal and a former minister. Upon converting to Catholicism he experienced some very moving paranormal events. This encouraged him to investigate Marian apparitions, a topic that had always interested him. He has a B.A. from Upper Iowa University, a Masters in Theology from a protestant seminary, and he has been accepted at the Franciscan University Graduate School of Theology.



Past Shows:

  • Human Enlightenment/ Miracles & Apparitions

    Steven Pinker talked about the positive progress of humanity. Followed by Kevin Cook and Open Lines on miracles and Marian apparitions.More »
  • Revelation Prophecies/ Divine Phenomena

    In the first half, police officer–turned senior pastor, Carl Gallups, explored coming biblical prophecies and how to prepare for the worst. In the latter half, paranormal researcher specializing in Catholic mysticism, Kevin Cook discussed the various occurrences of divine...More »
  • Marian Apparitions

    Paranormal researcher specializing in Catholic Mysticism, Kevin Cook discussed various sightings and appearances of the Virgin Mary. First hour guest, historian R. Gary Patterson talked about rock star deaths, superstitions, and occult connections.More »