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Health Special


  • Coldwell: Fighting Cancer
  • Gittleman: Environment & Weight Loss
  • Gabriel: The Fat Switch
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    Three separate guests discussed various health & medical issues. Dr. Leonard Coldwell (email) proclaimed that any type of cancer can be cured within 2 to 16 weeks. Cancer, he said, won't grow in a body that is slightly alkaline, and products like Universal Greens can make the body less acidic. A person can regrow healthy cells if they are detoxed, which is achievable by drinking a gallon of water a day, with half-a-teaspoon of sea salt in it, in addition to juicing, he outlined. Coldwell also suggested that people reduce electromagnetic disturbances from devices like the computer and cell phone by wearing a product such as the frequency protector from Intact Health.

    Ann Louise Gittleman, a weight loss/detox expert, appeared in the third hour, with tips on how to eliminate toxins from one's system. Interestingly, weight gain may be associated with toxins or chemicals in the environment, rather than consuming too many calories or lack of exercise, she explained. Her fat flush program targets the liver, and helps to increase metabolism and remove toxins. Her "signature beverage, Cranwater" (diluted cranberry juice) starts to emulsify fats in the lymphatic system, and opens up the liver's detox pathways, she detailed. Gittleman also suggested cutting out prevalent food sensitivities, which can come from wheat, dairy, yeast, and sugar, as well as soy and corn.

    In the last hour, Jon Gabriel shared the mind-body connection he discovered that helped him to lose over 220 pounds. His major finding was that the body has a "fat switch" which is activated when a person is under stress. By incorporating stress management techniques such as meditation into his life, he was able to lose excess weight without resorting to specific diets. He recommended eating foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids such as cold water fish, and flax & chia seeds, as well as adding live foods (like lettuce), and proteins into meals.

    Extreme Weather

    First hour guest, researcher Robert Felix talked about the increasing extreme weather, and possible signs of an ice age ahead. Extremes in climate, both hot and cold, are a hallmark of an ice age, as well as increased volcanic activity which we're starting to see, he stated. He also cited a predictive formula known as the Milankovitch Cycles, which he believes shows we're due for an ice age.

    News segment guests: Dr. Betty Martini, Matthew Nelson, Catherine Austin Fitts

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