Regenerative Medicine / Dulce Base

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Regenerative Medicine / Dulce Base


  • Wilde: Medical Breakthroughs
  • Sanchez: 'Col. X', Dulce & the Greys
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    In the first half, researcher Christian Wilde talked about the emerging field of regenerative medicine, and how scientists are actually building replacement body parts with stem cells. He announced that Dr. Richard Burt at Northwestern University's School of Medicine has been successfully using patients own bone marrow stem cells to treat a variety of autoimmune diseases like Lupus, and Type 1 Diabetes. It may be possible to expand human lifespan up to around 150 years, Wilde declared, now that replacement organs such as kidneys and livers can be grown in a matter of 6-8 weeks.

    He cited an instance where new stem cells were injected into the cadaver heart of a rat, and in a few days it started beating again. And, he added, at the Univ. of Pittsburgh, a Marine who lost his right hand, has had a successful transplant of a cadaver hand. Wilde also spoke about heart health, and the importance of taking homocysteine and CRP (C-Reactive Protein) tests in order to monitor cardiac issues and inflammation. Supplements such as turmeric can reduce inflammation and protect against some cancers, he noted.


    In the latter half, software engineer and UFO researcher, Anthony F. Sanchez, presented details about an underground base in Dulce, New Mexico, and its connection to the Greys. Much of his information comes from "Colonel X," a retired military whistleblower, who wishes to remain to anonymous. Col. X told him he was assigned to work at the Dulce base after a 1979 breech in which the military battled the Greys over the human abduction issue, and many people involved in the fight ended up missing or dead. (The violent engagement concurs with the late Phil Schneider's account-- Col. X claims to have met with Schneider).

    The Greys are actually not aliens; they were created by a progenitor race here on Earth around 25,000 years ago, Sanchez explained. The Greys are still working out of the Dulce base, as well as at the Pine Gap underground base in Australia, he said. Currently at Dulce, there's conventional weapons development using plasma nuclear technology, bio-experimentation that accounts for the cattle and animal mutilations, and genetic testing that relates to human abductions in the area, he continued.

    Bill Birnes appeared briefly to share some of his research into the Dulce base. For his UFO Hunters series, he interviewed police officer Gabe Valdez, who didn't believe aliens were there, but there were strange experiments taking place-- for example, a cow's body with a human head attached to it was found at one point.

    News segment guests: Nick Begich, Dr. Robert Manning


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