Economic Problems / Ghostly Activities

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Economic Problems / Ghostly Activities


  • Smith: Fixing Economic Woes
  • Wilder: Paranormal Experiences
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    In the first half, author and tangible asset expert Craig R. Smith discussed the economic problems that face the US and the world today, including what he calls the 'Inflation Deception.' We're getting ready to face a 10-30 year period of difficult times in America, as we deal with the last 40 years of "massive increases of personal, government, sovereign debt," he said. "The American people have been deceived to believe we can create money out of thin air, and there'll never be a day of reckoning," but that reckoning began in 2007, and we've only seen the tip of the iceberg, he continued. Further, the government has created what he calls an "inflatocracy," in which people are given money through entitlement programs, but don't produce anything.

    The more of anything you create, the less it's worth, and that's what's happening to the US dollar, with the Fed printing more and more currency, he explained. Smith outlined a number of steps people can do to collectively change the situation: Vote inflation out, by electing honest lawmakers; demand our politicians pass balanced budget amendments immediately; allow for alternative currencies and break the dollar's monopoly; create a better and more egalitarian tax system; and consider restoring the gold standard or authorize states to use gold or silver coins.


    In the latter half, author Annie Wilder discussed her abilities and connections to the spirit world, the peculiar habits of ghosts, and experiences in the astral world. When she moved into an old house in Hastings, MN, she sensed there was one ghost there, but was surprised to discover a whole array of ghosts who come through via portals at various times. Among the entities she's encountered, was a 5 ft. tall "black blob" that seemed to have an awareness and moved quickly to the front hallway once she spotted it. She's also seen bobbing balls of light in her home, about 12-15 inches in diameter, which she believes are spirit energies of the deceased.

    At her previous home in Hudson, WI, Wilder had a bizarre and disturbing etheric/astral vision, in which the walls of her bedroom melted away, and she could see outside where it was winter (when in fact, it was summer). Standing in her yard was a man with a gun, who shot her in the back, and she witnessed the incident from multiple perspectives simultaneously. Wilder also shared truckers' ghost stories (the subject of her forthcoming book), and tips for clearing a home of negative energy, such as using prayer, sage, sea salt, and fresh air, and viewing yourself as an "energy steward" for keeping things positive.

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