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Author, paranormal researcher, and radio host Dave Schrader discussed his lifelong immersion into the paranormal that began with visitations from his dead grandmother at the age of three, and growing up in a haunted house. He also had a communication from his deceased grandfather, who told him that when he died he was greeted by loved ones who had previously passed over. Curiously, when he hugged his grandfather before he left, it "felt like a shaft of warm, vibrating air." At the age of 11, Schrader had an unsettling encounter with a Bigfoot-like creature while visiting the Pensacola, FL area. The creature had a huge mane of grey-black hair and a deep inset face. In the ensuing years, he has come to suspect that Bigfoot are interdimensional in nature, and he happened to catch one traversing between its dimension and ours.

Schrader described witnessing UFOs and unexplained aerial phenomena when he visited James Gilliland's ranch on several occasions. On one night, he saw a set of lights in a triangle formation that seemed to blink on and off in response to laser lights shined at them, as well as an object shaped like a manta ray, that flew between pine trees. Gilliland told him that it was a "biological craft"-- half machine, half living organism. Schrader also shared his latest research on the black-eyed children phenomenon, eerie occurrences in which people encounter kids (usually groups of 2-3) outside their homes with completely blackened eyes, who typically ask to be let inside.

Another one of Shrader's visitations took place during a vivid dream, in which he met a "beat-up broken old man," who turned out to be angel. "Angels are hard, bent, battered. We fight on your behalf daily to protect you and watch over you, to fight the battle you don't even know you're in some days," the being told him. Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren joined the conversation briefly to talk about a trip to Transylvania, that he and Schrader are embarking upon in May, as they lead a tour group to 'Dracula's (Vlad the Impaler) Castle,' to separate fact from fiction.

Facebook Growth

First hour guest, author David Kirkpatrick talked about Facebook's phenomenal growth, even as some users are walking away from it over privacy, and other concerns. The social networking service currently has over 800 million users, including 2/3 of the American population, he reported. As the company gets ready to go public in an IPO, he expects the stock price to soar, and its value to exceed $200 billion within three years.

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Joshua P. Warren shares two photos. In the first, he and Dave Schrader (right) prepare to investigate the haunted La Purisima Mission in California, where they served as judges on the Travel Channel's "Paranormal Challenge" TV show. In the second image, Warren prepares to fight vampires on his upcoming trip to Transylvania with Schrader. These genuine steel claws should never be in this position around your throat!

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