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Psychic Energy & Transformation/ Dowsing

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In the first half, psychic reader and Reiki practitioner Lisa Barretta discussed the new waves of energy that are coming in 2012 which are part of the human transformation process. We are on the "doorstep of a new cycle" with Earth's position in the galaxy receiving different energy frequencies, leading us into an age of enlightenment, where we'll be more in touch with our inherent psychic senses, she said. And, as we shift into this higher dimension, our relationship with time will be redefined, and what has been viewed as "past lives," will be recognized as lives that exist simultaneously to our own, she continued.

Barretta also spoke about astrology and psychic/spiritual practices. Astrology, she explained, is like a GPS that we can use to tune into frequencies of stars and planets that affect us. People can create what she called a "Psi ball," an energy field between their hands held apart from each other. Once created, they can a shoot a healing color such as green into the ball, and then toss the ball to wherever healing is needed, she detailed. For treating depression or adjusting one's frequency, she suggested applying a little dot of rose oil ("the metaphysical Red Bull") between the eyes, and carrying a piece of lithium quartz ("the metaphysical Prozac").


In the latter half, alternative healers Dave & Erina Cowan talked about how they use dowsing, and the mechanics behind it. Classic dowsing is a way of accessing information through subtle changes in your physiology about the environment around you, such as when a farmer needs to locate a well or a stream, said Dave. Using a simple tool like a pendulum, they tune into the electromagnetic field of the Earth, as well as the energy of moving water, and their own "superconscious" (unconscious) mind gives feedback about changes in the energy, as they move across the land, he continued.

A second type of dowsing "is when we spin the pendulum ourselves-- we actually start the movement in order to create a change or a shift in a condition or an issue," Dave explained. This active form of dowsing is begun by the conscious mind, but then the superconscious mind through quantum connectivity does the work, he added. Erina noted that while people may have certain preferences for the type of pendulum or dowsing device they use, it's really the bridge between the conscious and superconscious mind that is the key factor. Dave conducted a live pendulum experiment, using a right spin to bring in new energy, with a specific harmonic rate (599), to change the frequency of those experiencing pain.

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