Locating Atlantis

Locating Atlantis


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsFrank Joseph Hoff, Jon Gabriel, Robin Harger, Raj Pillai, Saunthara Subramaniam

Researcher of ancient mysteries, Frank Joseph Hoff, discussed the unusual work of Brazilian Prof. Arysio Santos on the true location of Atlantis. The late Prof. Santos had a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics but was also a specialist in a variety of disciplines including climatology, chemistry, geology, and archeology. Through such sources as ancient Hindu texts, and the writings of Plato and his contemporaries, he was able to "reverse engineer" the location of Atlantis-- a submerged subcontinent in Southeast Asia, where the Indian Ocean, South China Sea, and the Pacific Ocean all come together, Hoff recounted, adding that Indonesia is part of this land mass that is visible today (the location is pictured on Santos' book cover).

According to Santos, Atlantis had advanced machinery and weapons. They had air-based vimanas or vehicles so large that they could transport thousands of people, homes, and environments from one side of the world to another, as well as nuclear weapons and warheads that hastened their demise. The continent of Atlantis was hit by a massive tsunami that was over a mile high after a Krakatoa volcanic explosion, and millions died, Hoff continued in his detailing of Santos' accounts, adding that subsequently the continent was engulfed by rising sea levels between 11,000 to 12,000 years ago. Santos also believed that around 75,000 years ago, Atlantis' predecessor, Lemuria, was destroyed by the Toba volcano, and the survivors spent the next 60,000 years rebuilding and migrating to other lands such as the Indus Valley, and South America.

Appearing for a segment in the second hour, Dr. Robin Harger, talked about his collaborations with Prof. Santos, and how he was able to confirm Santos' findings by locating craters on Google Earth in the Sunda Strait that were large enough to have played a role in the demise of Atlantis. He also matched a string of a thousand islands with rocky features in the South China Sea to the Atlantean location (see related graphics). Appearing briefly at the start of the third hour, communication consultants Ray Pillai & Saunthara Subramaniam phoned in from Indonesia, to discuss their work in studying a Dravidian language that is a close derivative of the language the Atlanteans allegedly spoke called Dravida. Hoff has an expedition team in place to conduct further studies in and near Indonesia-- artifacts found in the waters have been dated to over 13,000 years ago, he noted.

Shape Up America-- Week 1

First hour guest, mind-body weight loss expert, Jon Gabriel, kicked off George Noory's Shape-Up America campaign with concrete techniques to get our bodies to want to be thinner without having to use will power. Gabriel was able to lose 220 pounds without using specific diets. He discovered that the body has a "fat switch" that is activated by stress and emotional issues. By dealing with those issues through the techniques of meditation and visualization, as well as adding more nutritious foods to his diet, he was able to drop the excess weight, and keep it off. For more, check out an assortment of Gabriel's inspirational videos.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Catherine Austin Fitts



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