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Great Pyramid Theory

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Author, lecturer and independent researcher, Steven Myers, has studied the Great Pyramid for over twenty years. During the middle two hours, he put forth his theory that the Pyramid was a functional machine and part of the infrastructure that served the ancient Egyptian civilization. Expanding on the concepts first proposed in the 1962 book, Pharaoh's Pump by Edward Kunkel, Myers said the original builders of the Pyramid used water locks along the Nile River to bring stones on barges to the building site, and the Great Pyramid was built level by level, with casing stones placed first. The casings were filled with water that possibly came from the ancient lake Maurice, he continued.

Rather than a tomb, the purpose of the Great Pyramid was for pumping water, which was used for irrigation, to power machinery, science experiments and other projects, Myers suggested. Damage over the years took out a lot of the moving parts, but there still remains a stone that slides in a slot up and down in an antechamber, and historians from the 1st century described a door on pivots that would open inward, he detailed. Myers believes the ancient Egyptians successfully changed the surrounding desert into a lush garden through the Great Pyramid, but eventually it malfunctioned due to structural damage in the King's Chamber and was unrepairable. For more, check out Myers' video series on how the Pyramid was built.

The last hour featured Open Lines, with updates on the breaking story of the Aurora, Colorado shooting at a movie theatre. George also proposed a consciousness experiment, asking the audience to concentrate on bringing rain to the drought-stricken Midwest within the next 48 hours.

Shape-Up America- Week 3

First hour guest, nutritional therapist Nora T. Gedgaudas, the 3rd weight loss expert in George Noory’s Shape Up America Campaign, argued that humans are basically designed to get their nutrition from complete sources like meat, fish, & eggs and what the USDA food pyramid suggests (6-11 servings of grains) is unhealthy. She also criticized the theory behind calories, which assumes the human body is a heat engine. Actually, the human body is a "complex biochemical factory and a calorie from a piece of bread is not going to get used the same way as a calorie from the protein or fat contained in a piece of fish," she explained. For more, view a recap from her 6/21/11 appearance, as well as material posted on her YouTube channel.

News segment guests: Gary Ridenour related story (graphic photo), Lauren Weinstein

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