Martian Artifacts & Torsion Physics

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Martian Artifacts & Torsion Physics

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C2C science advisor Richard C. Hoagland discussed what he believes are artificial 'man-made' structures on Mars. According to Hoagland, the Martian landscape was once home to an advanced civilization that was destroyed 65 million years ago by a great planetary catastrophe. The Curiosity Rover is currently rolling over top this once great civilization and capturing photographic evidence of debris from that catastrophe, he proposed. Hoagland pointed to one photo in particular, a newly released NASA/JPL image that he called The Apartments. It looks like a motel from the fifties that one might have seen along Route 66, he said, noting that "this is architecture, these are ruins, this is an ancient civilization."

Curiosity's secret mission is to detail scientific evidence of this ancient and advanced civilization on Mars, Hoagland continued. He referenced his 90-minute video presentation (scroll to bottom of page) in which he analyzes numerous other structures on the Red Planet. The symmetry and geometric regularity of the construction of these things points to intelligence, he suggested, adding that "you don't have to know what it is to know it's not a rock." Hoagland is convinced the astonishing Curiosity images are part of a disclosure effort by some on the inside, including chief scientist John Grotzinger who recently announced an 'earth-shaking' find on Mars that was immediately downplayed by NASA.

Hoagland also talked about the hyperdimensional/torsion field physics that he learned about by decoding the Cydonia ruins. This ancient lost science is also embedded in the geometry of Mayan structures on our planet, he revealed. Hoagland hopes to confirm this by measuring tell-tale hyperdimensional energy signatures when he visits the Kulkulkan Pyramid at Chitzen Itza in mid-December. If democratized, the technology encoded in these structures could transform the world, providing the ultimate secrets to free energy and human longevity, he said.

JFK Assassination Conspiracy Update

In the first hour, investigative reporter Russ Baker provided an update on the JFK assassination conspiracy. Eighty to ninety percent of Americans believe that John F. Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy, Baker said, noting how most do not realize that the government also concluded it was a conspiracy. Their findings revealed that at least two gunman were involved and they suspected others, he added. Baker suggested George H. W. Bush may have been involved in the cover-up, as the former president has claimed that (unlike almost everyone alive then) he cannot remember where he was on the day of the assassination.

Baker talked about his visit to The Sixth Floor Museum at the Dallas County Administration Building (formerly the Texas School Book Depository), where he found it strange that no one is allowed to go where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly took the shot. Also curious to Baker were museum's books on the subject which mostly reflected the view that Oswald acted alone, even though more than 90% of the people present when JFK was killed say the shot came from the grassy knoll, he said. Baker believes that JFK's bold initiatives and desire to serve the public interest came into to conflict with powerful interests who ultimately had him assassinated.

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