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After 13 years of hosting Coast to Coast AM, Ian Punnett (Twitter) bid a final farewell to the program and was joined by a cavalcade of guests throughout the evening. In the first half of the 1st hour, he welcomed medical intuitive and psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff, who reflected on Ian's departure from the program and commended him for giving credence to the power of intuition in helping to shape his decision-making. She marveled that "even when you didn't know where you were going, you trusted what was deep inside to let it move you and it led you to exactly where you needed to go." To that end, she stressed that problem solving cannot depend entirely on "linear information" and, instead, one should use intuition as a guide to an ideal solution.

In the latter half of the first hour, Bill Szostak and DEA agent Kelly Snider provided an update on the infamous 'Smiley Face Murders' phenomena. Szostak recounted how his son, Josh, disappeared under mysterious circumstances and then his body was discovered 122 days later and 25 miles away in the Hudson River. Snider shared details into his investigation into this bizarre spate of deaths and revealed that he has uncovered over 200 similar cases having occurred throughout 27 different states. Snider suggested renaming this wave of murders "the college deaths case" and lamented that law enforcement officials are not drug testing the victims, which would likely reveal new information about their demise.

Attorney Galen Cook appeared in the first half of the 2nd hour and recounted how his research into the D.B. Cooper mystery was reinvigorated as a result of his appearance on C2C as Ian's guest. Cook revealed that he had actually given up on the case in 2007, but, after appearing on Coast in November of that year, a listener contacted him with a tip that led to the breakthrough which he believes will ultimately solve the mystery. After five long years of investigation, Cook declared that "I'm putting all my money and rolling the dice on Bill Gossett as the real D.B. Cooper."

In the second half of the 2nd hour, Ian was joined by Jason 'The Horse,' a man who believes he is a horse living in a human body. Since his initial appearance on the program, Jason said, he has met around 15 other people who also think that they are horses living in human bodies. Additionally, he claimed that there are people who believe that they possess the souls of other animals. For those individuals, Jason said, "the closer a creature is to human, the easier it is to get along in this form" and, thus, people who think they have the soul of non-domesticated or wild animals have a more difficult time functioning in society.

During the third hour, author Peter Levenda detailed the latest insights from his research into how high-ranking Nazis escaped Germany following the conclusion of WWII. According to Levenda, he has recently come into contact with an individual in Singapore who owns a wealth of materials related to a mysterious German doctor who may have actually been Adolf Hitler. After spending around five months studying this man's cache of documents and photos, Levenda mused that "the whole story is starting to pull together in some very startling ways." The latter half of the 3rd hour featured a replay of Ian's 10/17/09 conversation with Max Brooks, author of World War Z.

Authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince joined Ian in the final hour of the program for a discussion on their extensive investigation of the Shroud of Turin as well as the true relationship between Jesus and John the Baptist. Regarding the Shroud, Picknett declared that determining the dubious nature of the relic requires no historic or scientific background, since the image itself contains a number of clues that it is fake, such as problems with the proportions of the human being alleged to have made the imprint. On the subject of John the Baptist, the duo contended that there was actually a rivalry between he and Jesus, which led to the Gospel authors minimizing his story in the Bible.


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On March 19th, 2000, Ian Punnett made his C2C hosting debut and, in the subsequent 13 years, he hosted a whopping 479 editions of the program as well as 69 episodes of the spin-off show Coast to Coast Live. During this remarkable run, Ian explored topics across the entire spectrum of paranormal fields, looked at a myriad of alternative history and scientific theories, and spoke with legendary figures in the world of pop culture.

Along the way, he also shared his adventures with Coast to Coast listeners, such as the time he attended Comi-Con in New York City or met director Rupert Wyatt while visiting the set of Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Whether he was marveling at seeing his name in a Dean Koontz novel or challenging listeners to submit their 'Bearded Ian' pictures, Ian provided a unique and entertaining perspective whenever he presided over the program. Thanks for 13 great years, Ian, it's been an unforgettable ride!

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