Healing and Past Lives

Healing and Past Lives


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Brian Weiss, Daniel Pinchbeck

Brian L. Weiss, M.D., a foremost expert on past-life regression therapy, shared how different types of healing are possible when we embrace reincarnation. He detailed how he conducts a regression, in which he asks a person to sit comfortably, while he takes them through some muscle relaxation techniques and deepens the state. He asks them to imagine themselves in a garden, and then starts taking them back in time, beginning in childhood, and then to infancy. Then, he will take them through a "door," and other "bridges" to bring them back to a past life. A person having the regression, though deeply relaxed, is still capable of talking, and can describe what they are experiencing, he explained (Dr. Weiss recently regressed Katie Couric on her TV show-- watch a clip).

When people re-experience a past life trauma, current health or psychological problems sometimes are alleviated, he reported. "To us, these are miracles, whether it's a physical healing, an emotional hearing...It can be a simple thing like healing an infected tetanus shot just with your mind, not with using antibiotics...or a major miracle like a serious illness disappearing," he continued. One patient of his, a professor of physics, suffered from back pain related to cancer. In a past life regression, she recalled a life as a male around 2,000 years ago, when she was kicked in the back by Roman soldiers so hard that it broke her back. "When she remembered that, not only did the back pain from her cancer treatment disappear, but she started to regenerate tissues and bone," which was documented by X-rays and radiologic evidence, he said.

Dr. Weiss also takes people on "progressions," where they experience future lives. In a large workshop, he took the group into three different "stops" in the future-- 100-200 years, 500 years, and 1,000+ years ahead. He found correlations among the group, particularly in their 1,000 years ahead lives: The world was very idyllic and green (though some areas were off limits). The population, greatly reduced in number, lived in balance and used telepathy to communicate. Something likely happened during the 500 years out period that led to the population decline, he said. Also, he added, there were indications that if we don't deal with Earth's pressing issues in the near future, we could encounter serious problems in a couple centuries, even if we come out of it fine much further down the road.

Earth & Transformation

First hour guest, author Daniel Pinchbeck talked about the state of the Earth, and future trends in social movements. The biggest issue we face is still the ecological crisis, including depleted resources, species extinction, and climate change, he noted. "And if we look at the rigidity of our system, ultimately there has to be some kind of change or transformation...a shift from a competitive/domination based model to one that's more cooperative and symbiotic," he remarked. Further, he sees humanity undergoing a metamorphosis-- a possible global awakening where we could develop a new kind of social infrastructure in which transparency and trust abound.

News segment guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Steve Kates "Dr. Sky"



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