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Theologian, historian, and publisher of Intrepid magazine, Scotty Roberts, joined by archaeologist Dr. John Ward (in the third hour), discussed their work uncovering historical data to support the biblical story of Exodus, and the existence of Moses. Roberts also talked about Reptillian influences throughout various ancient cultures, and his interpretation of the Nephilim and various biblical narratives. Though he hasn't found proof of Reptilians as a race of alien beings who tinkered with humankind's genetics, he noted that almost every culture has tales of some sort of serpent, and they run the spectrum from good to evil.

In the story of the serpent at the Garden of Eden, what did God have against humans gaining knowledge, and why did he seek to prevent Adam & Eve from becoming like him?, Roberts pondered. This could be an indicator that the God depicted in the biblical story was actually an ET. The Nephilim, described as "sons of God" who intermingled with human women in the book of Genesis, could be considered part of the "pantheon of gods" in earlier Hebrew culture, he said. Roberts suggested that the story of Genesis is the Hebrew version of things that happened to every culture during that time frame, and each culture documented it with their own interpretation.

Based on their research, both Roberts and Ward concluded that Moses was a real historical person, but Ward identified him as "Amenhotep, Son of Hapu," and Roberts believes he was an Egyptian named "Senenmut." Were the slaves who escaped Egypt truly Hebrews or were they Egyptians?-- there is some uncertainty about that, Ward indicated. Regarding the parting of the Red Sea, it could have been a miracle of God or some type of natural occurrence, Roberts said, adding that the actual crossing may have been at the Sea of Reeds, a swampier location known to sometimes dry out. Ward and Roberts will both be appearing at the upcoming Paradigm Symposium this October 17-20, in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Louis Turi Update

First hour guest, author, seer, and astropsychologist Dr. Louis Turi reviewed some of his past predictions, and made some new ones. He also shared his concept of the "cosmic matrix," which he described as a "universal brain, the face and the tools of God...and the maps of all the affairs of the world, which is written in the stars." He cited a number of date windows in the current month of October, 2013, along with predictive key words or outcomes: Oct. 12, 13, 14 – a type of energy that produces earthquakes, shocks, and negative surprises. October 18, 19, 20 – news from Germany, Army or military in the news, important laws passed. October 23, 24, 25 – thousands forced to relocate because of natural disaster.

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