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Magic Spells & Saints

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World-class spell collector, psychic practitioner, scholar, and teacher, Judika Illes, offers encyclopedic knowledge of the sacred, helpful mystics, saints, and sages from a large variety of religious traditions. She shared the various ways these beings and traditions can be used to help illness, unemployment and more. "The purpose of a magic spell is not to hurt other people, but to improve your life," she said. A spell is putting out energy, but one should not cast spells from a place of fear, she advised. If you are feeling fearful, she suggested praying or calling out to certain sages that will never harm you such as Michael the Archangel, and Kuan Yin, the Buddhist saint.

Almost any ingredient or object can be used in a spell-- the most important aspect is having a strong, specific goal or desire, she remarked. "A magic spell is always done in the present tense, and you want to visualize your goal as already accomplished." So, if for instance, you are sick, you have to see yourself as already healed, she explained. "The more focused you can make it, the more concrete in your head," the more likely a spell will work, Illes continued.

She spoke about hexes, which are a kind of spell, often done with objects that have negative associations such as cactus needles and dirt from cemeteries. Antidotes to hexes sometimes involve sending them back to wherever they came from, she stated. Illes talked about some lesser known saints, and popular folk saints such as Santa Muerte. This skeleton saint is considered to be an angel of death, "and like death, she welcomes everyone. People are often uncomfortable with saintly saints. Because if they have an occupation that is perceived as sinful...they feel they will be rejected. But everyone dies, the rich, the poor, the good, the bad, and so there are people who feel very comfortable invoking Santa Muerte for assistance. Among the things she does is protect people in dangerous professions, and dangerous neighborhoods," she detailed.

Climate Update

First hour guest, retired professor of climatology Dr. Tim Ball discussed Arctic ice and climate projections. Climate scientists predicted that the summer Arctic ice would be gone by 2013 but that didn't happen, and additionally Antarctic sea ice has reached record high levels, he noted. The media exploits various weather and climate events, which people have come to associate with man-made global warming, but 99% of these incidents are from natural causes and cycles, Ball asserted.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Jim Berkland

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