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Psychic Attacks & Open Lines

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George Noory welcomed spiritual healer Elizabeth Joyce for a discussion on psychic attacks, demonic forces and auras. Simply thinking negatively about someone is a form of psychic attack, she said, adding that human-to-human attacks are more prevalent than entity-to-human because the human mind has more power. According to Joyce, one may be under psychic attack if the person awakens with a headache, experiences unusual changes in behavior, feels an external influence or finds it difficult to quiet down for prayer/meditation. She revealed how her own anger and negative thoughts against a person were physically manifested in a car explosion. Psychic attacks can be overcome with metaphysical and spiritual treatment, Joyce noted.

Entities from the other side can attack and host those with weak auras, she continued. These entities are thick in bars, grocery stores, libraries or wherever groups of people gather, and they can enter one's auric field and work the victim like a puppet, Joyce explained. Fortunately, as soon as one recognizes the entity's presence it must leave. "The human being has the power over the entity in all ways," she said. Music can get rid of entities automatically, Joyce disclosed, referencing "Ardas" by the Crimson Series as an effective song for such purposes.

Joyce suggested that the voices some people hear in their heads could be caused by government or supernatural influences, as well as various mental conditions. she talked about several different types of apparitions, including the crisis apparition which appears to comfort the grieving or give a message, and the collective apparition which appears to several people in different locations simultaneously. Joyce also reported on her practice of holding séances around Halloween when "the veil is very thin" and messages can easily come through. She claimed to have received a warning that the twin towers would "fall like feathers" during a séance in 2000.


During Open Lines, Andy in Honolulu, Hawaii, proposed that many natural disasters are actually being created artificially by a group of powerful people who have an axe to grind against certain nations. As examples, Andy pointed to the volcanic eruptions in Iceland after their corrupt bankers were sentenced to jail and the flood that washed over Thailand when the people there passed a non-GMO bill. Ross "The Pyramid Guy" agreed with Andy's assessment about natural disasters being caused by sinister forces. He also credited the power of his pyramid with keeping the skies over California clear of chemtrails.

Rashid in Austin, Texas, called the possession line to share a story about his best friend who apparently got possessed while visiting Barbados. "When he got back in town he was a completely different person," Rashid explalined, noting that he did not recognize streets anymore, had to relearn numerous things and got '666' tattooed across his chest. Rashid admitted that he does not know everything that happened to him while he was away but eventually learned that his friend had witnessed people shape-shifting in Barbados.

News segment guest: Jeffrey Smith / Catherine Austin Fitts

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