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Aliens & Abductions

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ET expert and private investigator Derrel Sims joined John B. Wells to discuss his latest work tracking down Men in Black (MiBs), and uncovering the truth behind abductions, alien implants and DNA. Sims shared details of a childhood encounter with an alien as well as his own abduction experiences, noting how the last event involved violent entities. These beings find their human targets via neural imprints and often take people from the same family, he explained, revealing that his son is also an abduction victim. Forty-five percent of abductees are of Native American or Irish-Celtic descent, he added. According to Sims, there are two types of MiBs (surreal and government) called in to deal with any difficulties associated with abductions.

The aliens making contact and involved in abduction phenomena have been designed and manufactured, he continued, pointing out that eyewitness accounts indicate these creatures have no belly button or genetalia. "They are models made for the purpose of interaction with mankind," Sims contended. Different types include the small three-foot tall gray with an 80 IQ, his similar-looking five-foot tall boss with a 150 IQ, a mantis-like creature standing seven-feet tall with a 180 IQ, the intelligent human-like Nordic, and Bigfoot. The DNA for each of these entities comes from this planet, he said.

Sims spoke about how close he has come on three separate occasions to capturing an alien. They are not nearly as intelligent as some people think they are and they make mistakes, such as returning victims in the wrong clothing or to a different location, he explained. One man and his fellow abductee were dropped off in the wrong state, truck and all, he disclosed. Sims also reported on animal mutilations in Texas that he believes are UFO-related as well as a case in which witnesses were irradiated by the strange bright object that melted the highway. It was likely a secret military project, he suggested, adding that the road was repaired the next day and the highway department did not know who did the work.

Medical Myths & Other Lies

Author and health freedom advocate Ty Bollinger talked about his upcoming book, Monumental Myths of the Medical Mafia, which examines the cancer industry and the toxic treatments (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery) they recommend for patients. Bollinger said he was motivated to research natural treatments for cancer and ways to modulate the immune system to fight the disease after his father died under the care of the medical establishment. "Once the medical mafia got ahold of him they killed him in just over three weeks," he remarked. The book will debunk other myths and lies, including 9-11, the government's war on terror and drugs, and the federal reserve, Bollinger revealed. He also spoke about a possible eugenics agenda on the part of corporations and the government, as well as the dangers of genetically modified foods and fluoride's link to cancer. Sodium fluoride was the chemical imported to Syria to manufacture Sarin nerve gas, he noted.

The final hour of the program was a replay of Open Lines from 12/16/11.


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