Uri Geller

Uri Geller


Uri Geller is the world's most investigated and celebrated paranormalist. He is famous around the globe for his mind bending psychic powers and has led a very unique life shrouded in debate, controversy and mystery. Uri has been studied by scientists who worked with Albert Einstein, worked with the FBI and CIA, has been a pupil of Salvador Dali, and he is also related to Sigmund Freud.




Past Shows:

  • Laugh-In / Al-Fayed's Death & Aliens / Open Lines

    Producer George Schlatter talked about his iconic sketch comedy show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. In the second hour, paranormalist Uri Geller discussed the death of Mohamed Al-Fayed and the question of aliens among us. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Aliens & Mind Power / Open Lines

    Paranormalist Uri Geller discussed his remarkable abilities, using mind power to prevent war, and receiving evidence of ETs from Wernher von Braun. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program.More »
  • Uri Geller / Trinity UFO Crash

    Paranormalist Uri Geller discussed his storied career and shared his perspectives on Putin. Followed by ufologists Jacques F. Vallee and Paola Harris on their investigation into the 1945 Trinity UFO crash.More »
  • Uri Geller in the 1970s / Akashic Records & Manifesting

    Paranormalist Uri Geller recounted his experiences during the 1970s, when he was involved with experiments with the CIA/NSA. Followed by practical mystic Maureen St. Germain on the Akashic Records and manifesting goals.More »
  • Psychic Powers / Live Prayer Experiment

    Uri Geller discussed his abilities, CIA tests, coronavirus theory, as well as performed an experiment with broken watches. Open Lines followed.More »
  • PSI Mysteries / Open Lines

    Uri Geller spoke about his celebrated life as a "mystifier." Open Lines occupied the latter half.More »
  • Life of Uri Geller/ Power of Thought

    Uri Geller shared updates, and details of his new museum. Followed by Mitch Horowitz with his guide to creating miracles in your life.More »
  • Alternative Health/ Uri Geller's Secret Life

    Dr. Joel Wallach discussed alternative health approaches. Uri Geller shared his life as the world's most well-known psychic.More »
  • Uri Geller's Secret Life

    Joining George Knapp for the entire 4-hour show, Uri Geller, one of the world's most celebrated and investigated paranormalists, discussed how his proven powers led him to be given a succession of highly classified espionage roles, known only at the highest levels of the...More »
  • Ghosts & Orbs

    Investigator and radio host Ross Hemsworth discussed his explorations of anomalous phenomena, including his research into orbs and ghosts.More »
  • Apollo 14, ETs, & Consciousness

    During the first three hours, astronaut, scientist, and author Dr. Edgar Mitchell discussed his experiences being part of the Apollo 14 mission, his views on ET visitation, and his research into the nature of consciousness.More »
  • 'Worker in the Light' Special

    Best selling author, William J. Birnes spoke with George about their book Worker in the Light.More »
  • Rebroadcast: Uri Geller/Lauren Weinstein

    This show was a rebroadcast of Uri Geller from 3/25/04, with a first hour appearance of Lauren Weinstein from 10/14/04. Dr. Bruce Goldberg will be rescheduled.More »
  • Mind Powers

    Uri Geller, considered by many to be the world's most celebrated and investigated paranormalist, shared insights into his past and the amazing powers of the mind. As a young child, he said, he was hit in the head by "a sphere of light," and after that he began to manifest...More »

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