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In the first half, Professor of theoretical physics Ronald Mallett gave an update on his quest to develop a time machine (he was originally inspired to do this after the early death of his father). The fact that time is affected by gravity became key to his work. "It turns out that you can actually use gravity to manipulate time in such a way that you can actually bend and twist time into a loop and this allows the possibility of traveling back into the past," he explained. "When you're trying to manipulate space and time, you have to do it in some way, and when you start the manipulation process you're actually beginning to capture the past in a way that you can revisit again," he continued.

Mallett's concept for a time machine centers around the idea that a circulating laser beam can cause a twisting of space and time, and thus loop the past and the future together. Yet, there are built-in limitations to such time travel-- the device if developed would only be able to visit the past that occurred after the machine's inception, and if the machine was turned off during a visit, the traveler wouldn't be able to return, he detailed. Mallett also discussed experiments being done with the Large Hadron Collider-- it acts as "sort of a time machine, as far as sending particles into the future," along the lines of Einstein's theory of relativity.


In the latter half, clairvoyant, and earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis discussed her work researching bizarre tales of the Mojave Valley in California including underground tunnels, mysterious geoglyphs, skeletons of giants, and UFO sightings. Southwestern Native Americans have stories and legends about star beings, she noted. There is a Paiute legend about a race of beings known as the Hav-musuvs who lived in a vast system of caves in Death Valley when there was a great lake in the area. It's said this race of beings possessed small tube-like devices that could either stun a person or kill them. According to a 1947 article that appeared in Death Valley's Hot Citizen, a team of amateur archaeologists led by Howard E. Hill found in caverns and tunnels nine-foot tall skeletons, mummies, and vitrified ruins which might have been evidence of ancient atomic bombs, she recounted.

Lewis detailed the harrowing ET abduction case of Steve and Dawn Hess investigated in a book by Ron Felber. The young couple had gone camping in a valley in the Mojave Desert in 1989 and at night saw hundreds of flashing objects in the sky. Then, the lights started landing all over the valley, and soon their camper was surrounded by bluish-gray beings that were 3ft. in height and 2 ft. in width. The beings had a hologram-like quality, with translucent limbs, and malevolent red glowing eyes. Dawn described the painful encounter: 'They wanted everything we had, our minds, our bodies, even our souls...It was like they drew it out of us with a syringe.' Lewis also spoke about the ancient geoglyphs in the Mojave (see below) which rival the Nazca lines. The Blythe Giant was first discovered in 1923 when a US Army colonel flew over the desert in a WWI biplane.

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Like the Nazca Lines in Peru, a group of giant geoglyphs in the California desert can best be appreciated when viewed from the air. Known as the Blythe Intaglios, the ancient drawings of humanoid figures and animals may be thousands of years old. They were created using the intaglio process, in which a top layer of dark soil is scraped away to reveal lighter colored soil underneath. More at Weird U.S.

Photo (click to enlarge) by Ron Gilbert from Wikipedia Commons.

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