Shooting Bigfoot

Shooting Bigfoot


HostDave Schrader

GuestsRo Sahebi, Justin Smeja, Sterling D. Allan

Filling in for George Knapp, guest host Dave Schrader (email) welcomed Ro Sahebi, creator of the film Dead Bigfoot: A True Story, which chronicles the story of a pair of hunters who claim to have shot two Bigfoot in October of 2010. He was joined by Justin Smeja, the hunter who allegedly pulled the trigger on these creatures. Initially intrigued and open minded to the story, Sahebi said he became a believer in Smeja's tale after speaking with him personally. He also pointed to ongoing DNA tests surrounding evidence from the case, the fact that Smeja passed a lie detector test, and subsequent thermal imaging footage of Bigfoot-like creatures at the site of the shooting as additional facets which strengthen the validity of the story. However, Sahebi observed, the majority of feedback from the Bigfoot community has been condemnation of Smeja as either a liar or a murderer.

Smeja then joined the program to share his firsthand account of that fateful day in October of 2010. Recalling that he had never heard of Bigfoot before the event, he explained it all started during a routine bear hunting trip with a friend. The pair headed to a meadow where game frequented and, turning around the corner, they spotted what looked like a man in a fur suit. Aiming his gun and watching with his scope, Smeja quickly realized that it was "a real creature." In awe at the sight before his eyes, Smeja debated what to do and, as the creature turned to run away, he decided to pull the trigger and shoot the beast. The Bigfoot then started to stagger off as Smeja got ready to shoot again, but he was thwarted when his friend shouted at him, "no, wait, there's more!"

Putting his gun down and looking across the meadow, he was stunned to see a group of juvenile Bigfoot following their wounded adult compatriot into the brush. Losing sight of the creatures, Smeja and his friend gave chase to the Bigfoot to find the one that had been shot. While searching for the wounded Bigfoot, the pair noticed the juvenile Bigfoot "popping their heads out of the brush" and communicating with each other. After the two hunters split up in order to cover more ground, Smeja decided to shoot one of the young Bigfoot in order to "show everybody that we're not crazy." After shooting and killing the second Bigfoot, Smeja's friend returned and expressed outrage at his actions. Together, the pair then decided to bury the murdered young Bigfoot and never found the adult creature that had been shot first.

Exotic Free Energy

In the first hour, CEO of Pure Energy Systems Inc., Sterling D. Allan, discussed the latest in exotic free energy research. He clarified that, unlike devices which derive power from the sun and the wind, exotic free energy technologies defy the laws of physics because they generate energy from an unknown source. Allan dismissed critics of these devices by noting that lightning was also once a mysterious force and now electricity powers nearly everything on the planet. "It's going to be same in the future," he surmised, "we're going to learn about these new energy sources and we're going to plug into them." Based on his research, there are 25 different types of exotic free energy devices presently being developed in countries around the world to varying degrees of readiness for the marketplace.




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