Extreme Winter Weather

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Extreme Winter Weather

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During the middle two hours of the show, George was joined by meteorologist Scott Stevens for a discussion on extreme winter weather. According to Stevens, bitter cold temperatures used to occur regularly—almost every winter—and now because of climate change recent winters have been much less severe. "What has been unusual is that it has taken 20 years for us to get this cold again," he added, recalling a day in January 1979 when the temperature at his home in Idaho was 54 below zero. Stevens said he expects the temperatures will warm up in the next four or five days.

Stevens believes that almost all weather, including the present cold snap, is being geoengineered on a global scale. "There is very little natural weather left anywhere on this planet," he revealed. Stevens argued that weather is used as a tool of eco-terrorism by the military–industrial complex and by others with various political agendas, noting the unusual intensity of tropical storm and hurricane activity during the George W. Bush presidency. He suggested looking to those who make money off of cold weather for the culprits responsible for the current winter storms. Stevens predicted many cold-related deaths and recommended people stay indoors and bring their pets inside as well.

Chualar Barley Pattern

In the first hour, investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe revealed how Echelon Security in San Jose, California, was hired by an unnamed agency to guard a strange intricate pattern that appeared in a Chualar barley field on December 28, 2013. Onsite field researcher Jeff Krause told Howe that he was prevented from entering the 250-ft diameter formation but an Echelon guard had offered to carry his magnetometer into the pattern for him. The magnetometer's needle jumped from 43 to 58 gauss cgs units, Howe reported.

On New Year's Eve the security firm was ordered to destroy the pattern, she continued, noting that researcher Shawn Randall traveled to the field after it had been plowed under and found the barley had smooth unbroken bends similar to what is seen in English crop formations. Howe spoke about three circles in the formation that appear to be planetary orbits which, according to retired U.S. Navy officer Captain Mark Wood, could represent the numbers 1-9-2 and possibly correspond to a future date, July 8, 2014. She also commented on the significance of braille and Morse code messages in the pattern, pointing out that the braille translates to a string of 1-9-2 numbers.

A caller named Scott phoned into the program and claimed to have once worked near the Chualar field. He said there have been numerous cattle mutilations in the area, as well as sightings of glowing green orbs and personal instances of missing time for he and his wife.

Open Lines followed in the final hour.

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