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Author and UFO investigator Kevin Randle discussed the US government's history of UFO reporting, as well as their widespread suppression of evidence, and delved into some of the most remarkable cases among the nearly 100 sightings and occurrences that he's thoroughly investigated. Keith Chester found government documents via the Freedom of Information Act about WWII-era sightings such as "foo fighters"-- glowing balls of light, as well as larger, solid craft that "when our airmen fired upon them, the bullets would disappear into the craft as if they were absorbed or would seem to bounce off," Randle recounted.

Randle uncovered details about Project Moon Dust, a government program begun in 1957, just after Sputnik was launched, ostensibly to "investigate recovered space debris of foreign manufacture or unknown origin." This project had a number of significant cases in which they were investigating things that were clearly not terrestrially manufactured debris, he said, yet the Air Force denied the program even existed. There was a case in Bolivia in 1978 where something was seen to come down from the atmosphere, and the "Moon Dust guys" were actually photographed at a South American airport, he noted.

One of the most impressive cases was a series of landings in Levelland, Texas in 1957, where the craft interacted with the environment leaving landing traces, and stalling car engines, Randle detailed. He also cited the JAL 1628 case from 1986, in which a Japanese airliner flew over Alaska and a big glowing UFO was witnessed, as well as tracked on radar, appearing on two separate scopes. Another intriguing case involved an Air Force jet that disappeared in 1953 after pursuing a UFO over Lake Superior-- the plane was seen to merge with the unknown craft and was never found.

Weather & Climate Change

First hour guest, meteorologist Scott Stevens talked about extreme weather, and reacted to France's foreign minister's statement that there are just 500 days left to save the climate. This estimation probably relates to a 2015 UN Conference on climate change (some 500+ days away), he explained. We are seeing increases in sea level from the melting of ice sheets, yet there are pockets where the ice is cooling, he noted. Stevens also commented on chemtrails, which he believes are "markers" used to study how different layers in the atmosphere are moving. "It's a beautiful system, I just wish it wasn't so toxic, and didn't impact the weather so greatly," he lamented.

News segment guests: Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, Robert Zimmerman

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